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The episode starts with Karthick is talking in mobile. Constable informs to him that Nachiyar came to meet him. He allows her inside. Nachiyar apologies to him for delaying his case. She confess to him that she killed Muthuraj. Karthick asks her to stop wasting his time. Already Aishwarya confessed she killed him after her Mayan done it. Now she is also saying this. Is thry trying to divert the case. Nachiyar tells him that he tortured her daughter that’s why she killed him. Karthick questions her where is his dead body? She informs to him that she has no idea where is it?

Muthuraj stoles the jewels she thought he will inside jail for 5 years she can use that to get divorce from him. She says something to him muted. She says to him that she thought Muthuraj died so she went. Karthick questions her why didn’t she informed this to him before? She reveals to him that Mayan got promise from her. He questions her why did she confessing it now? Nachiyar says to him that Mayan gonna be father how will she see him bearing the punishment for her? Karthick says to her that he can’t able to do anything in this case till he find out Muthuraj’s dead body. He asks her to leave. Mayan confronts Nachiyar why did she went to DC office? She says to him that she done wrong so she might get the punishments for it.

Mayan asks her to stop thinking like this she didn’t killed an good soul. She gave freedom to her daughters that it. Mayan complaints that she is not considering him as her son that’s why behaving like this. Nachiyar says to him that she is considering him as her son that’s why she went there. Because of her he lost his father’s love and education. Mayan says to her its not her mistake he done it in anger. Nachiyar says to him that she will never sit quite if her son go out like this? She was selfish that’s why she didn’t understand him.

Nachiyar says to him that he sacrificed manything for her family its enough. Now he gonna become father she can’t able to see him getting punishment for her mistake. His father soul won’t forgive her for it. He is her son now so she won’t let him suffer. Mayan says to her that three daughters are here believing her don’t let them go alone. Nachiyar says that their brother is here. He will take care of them like father. She will go to jail leaving them in his hand. Mayan says to her that he has responsibility as a son he won’t let her go to jail. He says to her that if his own mom come in front of him also he won’t go near her leaving his this mom. Nachiyar says to him that it’s enough to her. She suffered these many years to get it. She is ready to die now also. Mayan asks her to don’t leave him he has responsibility too. His baby needs her grandma. He assures to her that he will take care of this family without even a scratch.

Maha praying to god. Mayan comes near her and says to god that nothing good happened in his life. Only one good thing happened in his life is Maha accepted him with all his flaws. She forgave him for the mistakes he done. Ask her to forgive him this time he will take care of her life long and never make her disappoint with her. Maha says to god that she don’t need anyone. She wanna take care of her baby alone. She listed her life believing others. She needs persons whom won’t cheat her anymore. Maha says to Mayan that she already took her decision before he taking his. Mayan says to her he didn’t killed Muthuraj. She says to him that it’s not matter here. He chose his family over her that’s her problem. Mayan asks her to forgive him.

Maha tells him that he used to commit mistakes and apologise to them. They done mistakes by forgave him always. Mayan asks her to stop thinking him like third person at least for baby. She complaints to him that how will she introduce him to her baby? He is a rowdy and murderer? She asks him to don’t disturb her again. Nachiyar questions Aishu what happened? Gayathri complaints to her that Aishu is always sitting alone. Nachiyar asks Saranya to take Aishu out for sometimes. They leaves from there. Vadivu comes there and questions her where is she leaving? She says to her that she is going to temple. Vadivu lashes out at Aishu. She slaps Aishu for wearing Jasmin flower and applied vermilion on her forehead after her husband died.

Episode end.