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The episode starts with Muthuraj says to Aishu that their marriage is the only way to stop his plan. Aishu questions him how will she marry Mayan’s friend. Muthuraj says to her did she ever think Gayathri will marry that Kathi? He will do any drama and make her married to someone else. Aishu says to him that she will talk with her mom and take permission from her.

Muthuraj says to her if she say it to mom then Mayan will comes to know about it and stop their marriage. Aishu questions him how will she marry him without mom and Saranya’s knowledge. Muthuraj says to her that he is only one son to his parents. If he marry her then think about his parents state? Muthuraj tries to manipulate her against Mayan and says that its the only option to save their family from Mayan. Aishu asks to him what will she do now? Muthuraj asks her to believe him. If they falls on his feet and can explain to our family they can able to understand them.

Muthuraj says to her that Mayan insulted them in this temple so lets marry here. He asks her to marry him. She promises to him. Mayan calls Nachiyar. He says to her that he wants to say one important matter to her. Nachiyar says to him that she will return the money to him soon. Mayan says to her he wants to discuss about something else. He questions her does she has any idea about Aishu whereabout? Where is she going? Who is she meeting outside? Nachiyar complaints to him that he don’t want to worry about her daughter.

Mayan says to Nachiyar that Aishu is not only her daughter but also his sister too. Nachiyar questions him he is not ready to accept her as his mom then how will her daughter turns to his sister? Mayan says to her that he is not here to argue with her about it. He says to her that Aishu is going out with Muthuraj why don’t she stop her.

Nachiyar replies to him that Muthuraj is drinking in humiliation so Aishu trying to change him. Both are cousin and close from childhood days then what’s problem in it. Mayan questions him doesn’t she stopped her marriage in this house then why did she allowing her to do this all? Nachiyar complaints to him that just leave them to live in peace. Mayan alerts her that something is going to happen here.

Which gonna create big problem. Just watch out Aishu’s behaviours. Nachiyar warns him to stay out from her daughters. Already he seperated her first daughter from her by advising like this. Now he is trying to take another one too. Mayan says to her that doesn’t he has another job then spoiling her daughter’s life. He alerts her that Muthuraj manipulating Aishu and planning to do the secret marriage. Nachiyar deny it reasoning she didn’t upbring her daughters in that way. She will never do such things in her life. She pleads him to stay away from her family matters. Mayan things she will only learns after face it.

Gayathri doubts why did Mayan acting different in these days. She asks Kathi to sit with her. He sits there like obedient student. Gayathri questions him why did Mayan behaving strange nowadays. Kathi replies to her that he done hair cut. Gayathri says to him that his character is different. Kathi says to her that Mayan and Maha between them its over.

Gayathri misunderstands it as fight. Kathi says to her that its not fight. After marriage one thing will happen right that happened between them. Gayathri complaints that she don’t understand anything. Kathi things that she is so innocent. Kathi says to her that their first night is over. Gayathri questions him did their first night happened now? He nods. Kathi complaints that his first night also didn’t happened. Gayathri’s sarie stuck in swing she misunderstand that Kathi hold it. When she notices it and says to him that he is worst and leaves from there. Aishu is thinking about Muthuraj words.

Nachiyar notices Aishu and questions her what happened. She replies to her that she is feeling guilty for Muthuraj’s state. She wishes to change it. Nachiyar narrates to Aishu that whatever Mayan said to her. She says to Aishu that from childhood she knew well about Aishu she will never do anythings which hurting her. She keeps talking to her emotionally.

Aishu feels guilty for betraying her. She is in dilemma what to do next? Mayan enters into their room and singing to impress Maha. He is trying to be romantic with Maha but she is showing fake anger on him. Mayan tries to convinces her and acts like he is going out to sleep. Maha just teasing him. Mayan says to her that he believes her so he is going to sleep here. Maha throws the pillow down. Mayan doubts Is it a signal.

Episode end.