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Today episode starts with Saranya and Aishu making faces. Aishu ask to Maha that her father came to invite them for her marriage with Surya then why did she ended up with Mayan . Maha sits there without answer . Gayathri feels pity for her .

Saranya humiliates Maha by saying she married to Mayan who is an rowdy and good for nothing fellow . She can’t be happy with him , she is educated after all though she married him it seems she intentionally marry him for his money . Maha felt disappointed hearing it . Saranya added these property is her dad hardwork but Mayan trying to snatch it from them so he is their enemy as well Maha too .

Aishu went overboard by asking does she deserved to be a teacher , don’t she have shame to say it after marrying him. Maha starts to cry hearing it all . Sarayana says don’t cry its also fake . Nachiyar comes there and shouts on them for talking with her in that manner . Saranya and Aishu reasoned they are doing correct. Nachiyar replies they are hurting Maha instead of Mayan.

If they have dare they should talk with him not with her by saying they leaves. Maha crying in outside Mayan comes there and ask the reason. She narrates everything to him. He got angry and about to lash out them Maha stops him by saying they are not wrong this time because all their words were true.

Mayan wanna fights for her but she ask him to change instead of that. Mayan sleeping suddenly he hears his father calling him. He wakes up and moves to balcony. His father sitting on the swing. Mayan shocked to see him there he touch him to confirm whether he is true or not .

He smiles back. He starts to advise him . Mayan ask to him how did he live with these ghosts these many years . He smiles back again. Mayan complaints to him that he were roaming around lethagically but he locked him in here with the name of will and money .

His father replies to him its all for his good, he always used to escape from problems but this time he wish to face it by himself that’s why he done like that . He advise to him that he can get what he wants by travelling in wrong path but it won’t give the peace and satisfaction to him.

Mayan replies to him he got Maha using wrong path. Are you happy and in peace he ask to him. Mayan has no answer to it . He advise him to confess the truth to Maha . Mayan says if he confess she will end it . Yes it will end means his problems. Truth may bitter its taste first time but it will taste sweet at the end. He provoke him to confess the truth to Maha. Mayan wakes up from his sleep.

Mayan goes to Maha room to confess the truth he hesitate to wake her up but tried. Maha rolled from bed , Mayan lost in her beautiful face , he starts to admire her and realitu strikes him to confess the truth. But he thought for a while if he says the truth he even loss the chance to see her so he leaves.

Next day Nachiyar staring Gayathri picture . Vadivu and Chidambaram comes there after worshipping from temple . Nachiyar talk about Gayathri marriage . Vadivu ask to give her hands to her son Muthuraj .Nachiyar shocked to hear it .