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Today episode starts with Vadivu ask Gayathri hands for her son Muthuraj . Nachiyar replies to her that she would like to giver her hands to him but Gayathri alliance were fixed with someone else already . Vadivu says its fixed few days before we can call off it by reasoning recent incidents , if she married to Muthuraj then her life will be safe infront of us . We can protect them.

Nachiyar replies to her that this alliance were fixed by her husband he is no more now so she would like to perform her marriage with same guy because its his last wish . Chidambaram says to ignore Vadivu request and concentrate on Gayathri alliance its good for her . Nachiyar requested to him to go and meet the family once because she is widow now so its not good to talk marriage with her.

 Chidambaram agrees with it. Nachiyar says to Vadivu that Mutharaj is her son in law always so don’t take the tension and leaves. Vadivu complaints to her husband Nachiyar is cunning . Chidambaram support his sister. Vadicu stare Gayathri picture and says she knew well how to stop this alliance

 Mayan sitting in garden thinking about something Gayathri comes there with newspaper after seeing Mayan she about to go back he stops her . He starts a casual talk with her and end up in Maha matter. Mayan says she didn’t even wish him for his marriage . Gayathri looks here and there and congratulate him.

 Mayan replies he is owner of this house but none giving wishing or coffee voluntarily. He ordered her to take care of Maha and be nice with her and ask her to warn her siblings to stop hurting Maha orelse he will crush them into juice. She agrees with him. Gayathri says they both look good for each other perfect jodi. Mayan smiles and says he forgive her for praising him. Gayathri leaves from there .

Mayab knocked on Maha room and entered in to witness Maha getting ready to go somewhere , she informed to him that she is going back to school when he asked ? He ask to her again why did she rushing to go back when she is on 10 days leave . She replies that she canceled the leave because she couldn’t tolerate the poison words of his family and hateful glares from them .

 Its all new to her , she turned to be an enemy of them for marrying him. They showing their anger on her so she is going back to work. Mayan accept her wish and says she can do anything as she wished. He says he will drop her she deny the offer and goes alone.

Maha sharing her problems with teacher , she advise her to follow what her heart saying don’t mind others. She replies to her that she didn’t even imagined a life with him. She accepted him as human being few days before then how comes she accept him as husband. Mayan comes there to give her lunch box and leaves.

Mayan thinking in garden Kathi comes there and craking jokes with him. He advice him to leave the tension just then Surya calls him and informed to him that he is going back to Foreign for that he needs money . Mayan warns him to stop doing this all orelse he will finish him.