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The episode starts with two persons are digging the hole infront of Nachiyar’s house. Maha notices them and enquires to them what’s going on? They are not replying to Maha. She calls Mayan there. Everyone comes there and enquires them what are they doing here?

Mayan starts beating them and tries to remove the notice board from there. Maasani reaches there and stops Mayan. He informs to them its court order to place notice board in house. He asks them to check the notice which pasted on side. Nachiyar says to Maasani that his only intention is to hurt them not collecting money.

Maasani says to Nachiyar that he shows pity on them that’s why he placed board inside the campus. If he wishes to ruin their name then he asks his people to place it outside of the house. He says to them that he wishes to reminds them through this board how much they are debted to him. Mayan shouts on him that he is crossing his limits.

Saranya says to Nachiyar that Maasani is doing this all to hurts them. Maasani says to them he going to push down the house and build five star helping centre here. Maasani adds that god will helps only villains that’s why Rajarathanam gave 250crore on Mayan’s name. Mayan says to him don’t dare to add him in his list.

Mayan warns Maasani to drops down his idea. He wishes to live a peaceful life now don’t bring back the old Mayan. He will kill him. Maasani says to him he has no fears do whatever he wants? He leaves from there.

Mayan asks Kathi to remove the board, but Nachiyar stops them by saying it will reminds them how much they are debted. It will make them active. Nachiyar is staring the board. Maha and Saranya comes there and says to Nachiyar they can remove the board but she is not allowing them. Nachiyar asks Saranya to tells her the process.

Saranya assures to her everything will be alright. She is waiting for the letter from income tax. She will arrange money in 2 days. Nachiyar scolds her for not arranging money yet. Maha reveals to her that Boopathy won’t create any problems. Because Saranya helped his son in accident. Maha opens up to Nachiyar about Mayan.

Saranya refuses to accept Mayan help at any cost. Nachiyar stares her. Maha explains to Nachiyar that Maasani wishes to snatch their house from them but Mayan trying to help them out. Its better to leave ego and accepts Mayan help. Nachiyar agrees to meet Mayan.

Vadivu enquires to Maasani what happened? He narrates everything to her. Muthuraj questions him why did he give three days time to them? He don’t trust that Mayan and Kathi. Maasani assures to him that he locked all the way of them. They can’t do anything in this case. Vadivu appreciates his work. Nachiyar comes near Mayan. He greets her.

Nachiyar says to him clearly that she don’t trust him but Maha did. She is here to requests him to help her out. Mayan assures to her that he will get back the property at any cost because its his father’s house. Nachiyar says to him that she is seeing him as debted person. She will return the money to him soon. Mayan says to her, he don’t mind how the way she is looking him but he is determine to get back the property.

Episode end.