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The episode starts with Mayan says to Maha that he is going to sleep outside. He pretends like Maha is stopping him. Maha says to him that she didn’t hold him. Mayan says to Maha that he won’t go outside to sleep. If he do it then its like he has no trust on her. Mayan stays there. Maha throws the pillow down. Mayan doubts whether she is giving signal to him or checking his patience. Mayan again places the Pillow inbetween them. She again throws it. Mayan says to her that he can sit controllably. Maha is giving tough time to him. Mayan says to her that he will be in controll. Maha questions him Is she easy type for him to give herself to him in rainy day. Mayan asks to her Is it mean she accepted him? She asks him to stop nonsense and turns off the light.

Kathi complaints to Gayathri that because of her he is ironing his dress. She says to him that he will look good in that dress. Mayan comes there with Saravanan Meenatchi tune. Kathi complaints that he is using old music. Mayan asks to Kathi what is he doing here? He replies to him that he is riding boat. Kathi complaints that Mayan is reading newspaper it’s 8th wonder of the world. Mayan questions him why did he saying like that. He replies because he is reading it in reverse. Gayathri calls him. Mayan asks to her Is she here he didn’t noticed her at all.

Gayathri says to him that she is here only from last few minutes. She asks to him Is he need coffee? He replies to her that he stopped drinking such things. Maha comes there Mayan calls her to come near him. Maha goes there walking on Kathi’s hand. Mayan asks Maha to prepare coffee for Gayathri and Kathi too. Maha stares her so Gayathri replies to her that she is fasting so she don’t need it. Maha stares Kathi. He says to her that he stopped drinking coffee 4 hours before. Mayan asks to Maha why did she staring him in this way. Maha questioning him why did he behaving strange here?

Mayan thinks Is he doing over scene here? Maha asks to him where is the wood? He asks to her why did she searching for it. She says to him that she is searching it to beat him. Maha warns him to stop showing men’s attittude. She asks to him why did he behaving like this? He replies to her that first night is over that’s why. She asks him to don’t bring their personal matters outside of room. Mayan hugs her and says to her that she is in his heart. How will he prove it to her. Mayan says to her that his love on her is trust. He will never break it. Both stares each other romantically.

Kathi comes there and notices them in romantic pose. He disturbs them. Maha runs from there. Mayan glares Kathi and asks to him why did he disturbed them. Kathi replies to him that iron box heated. Mayan starts to beat him. Muthuraj is waiting in terrace. Aishu comes there. Muthuraj says to her that he wishes to meet her but she asked him to meet first. Aishu says to Muthuraj don’t mistaken her for talking like this. Muthuraj assures to her he won’t. Aishu says to Muthuraj that Mayan already informed to Nachiyar about them. Muthuraj complaints that Mayan don’t like them. He is moving according to his plan. Aishu asks to him Is he has any idea what did she said?

Muthuraj replies to her may Nachiyar said to Mayan its her family matter he don’t want to poke his head in it. She has no problem with Muthuraj. Aishu deny it and says to him that she said to him proudly that Aishu will marry the one whom she showing. Aishu asks to him how will she betrays Nachiyar. Muthuraj asks to Aishu what is she saying? She says to him clearly that she accepted to marry him to save his life. Aishu says to him let’s marry after family permission. Muthuraj says to her that Mayan won’t allow them to marry. Aishu stands adamant in her decision.

Aishu leaves from there. Muthuraj stops Aishu. She stands on the railing and threatening Aishu. If she don’t agree to marry him in two days. He will jump down. Aishu says to him let’s talk with each other. Muthuraj refuses to come down and asks her to promise him on Nachiyar’s name. Muthuraj smirks and leaves from there. Kathi is taking water.

Nachiyar’s toe hits on chair. Nachiyar starts calling Gayathri’s name. Kathi says to Nachiyar that We will mentions our loved one name while we are in pain. He asks her to accept Gayathri. Nachiyar questions Kathi who is he to ask this to her? Kathi says to Nachiyar that Gayathri is always thinking about her. Kathi assures to Nachiyar if he is her problem then he will leave from here but accept Gayathri. Nachiyar lashes out at him and leaves. Gayathri witness it all. Gayathri confronts Kathi.

Episode end.