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The episode starts with Mayan says to Maha that he already said to her that he won’t touch her till she approach him. He starts to narrate about yesterday’s night. Maha stops him. Mayan asks her to believe in Science. Maha says to him that he tries to help him in fever. Mayan is starts teasing her and calls her to accompany him to kodaikanal. Maha pretends like anger on him and asks him to stop him. Maha says to him that she will never forget everything she is still angry on him. Mayan is trying to impress her with dance. Maha says to him that its personal things why did he sharing it to all. Mayan says to her that she is blushing alone inside the cabin. But he is expressing his love like this.

Mayan says to her that he brings one gift to her. He already gave it to her but she threw it on his face. He again give halwa and jasmin flowers to her. Maha complaints that all husband used to give this to their wife. Mayan replies to her that his wife is working in office so he must give it in office. Maha says to him that she has no hair pin to adjust it. Mayan says to her that he already bring it here. She asks him to give it to her. He complaints that he will place it on her hair. Mayan helps her doing it and smells it romantically. Maha blushes seeing it. Mayan says to her that he wishes to fill vermillion on her hairline. She nods and allows him to fills her hairline with vermillion. Maha asks him to leave.

Mayan says to her that he wants to feed her halwa. She deny it reasoning its office. He stands adamant to feed her. He feeds her halwa. Saranya comes there and notices them together. She leaves from there angrily. Mayan complaints that Saranya is angry because he didn’t give halwa to her. Maha asks him to leave. Mayan teases her and leaves. Maha blushes thinking about him. Muthuraj asks his friend to inform Mayan that he was talking with Aishu. He alerts him that Mayan is hell angry on him so be careful. Muthuraj says that he wants to see him beating Muthuraj infront of Aishu to impress her. Aishu comes there. Muthuraj friend informs to Mayan that Muthuraj is threatening Aishu.

Everyone knew that he saved Gayathri from him and got her married to Kathi. Mayan gets angry and thinks that Muthuraj is planning something else. Aishu scolds Muthuraj for often calling her out. There is a limit to listen him always. He said to her he will die if he fails to marry her that’s why she agreed to marry him. Don’t torture her for this. Muthuraj says to her that their marriage won’t happen. Aishu questions him Is he doubting her? He replies to her that Mayan won’t allow them to marry. He stopped Gayathri marriage with him. Aishu replies to him that Gayathri disliked him. Mayan has no rights to stop her marriage. She asks him to stop calling her out. What if their family members see them together. It will be shame to them. Muthuraj asks to her will she marry him. She questions him how many times she wants to repeat it.

Muthuraj appologizes to her and asks her to sit with him for five minutes. She nods. Muthuraj asks her to leave. Aishu complaints that why did he talking like this? He is often changing his words. Muthuraj informs to her that Mayan is spying her. Aishu says to him that she had no fear of him. She won’t go anywhere. Muthuraj asks Aishu to hide somewhere and see Mayan’s real face. Aishu hides from him. Mayan enquires to Muthuraj where is Aishu. He replies to him that Aishu is not here. Mayan asks him to stop threatening Aishu. Muthuraj replies to him that he is not doing anything. Mayan complaints that Nachiyar whom kicked him out then why did he coming behind his sisters without shame. Mayan asks him to marry anyone but stay away from his sisters orelse he will kill him. Muthuraj complaints that he married to Maha after cheating her. Mayan replies that he only loved Maha that’s why he went to that extreme to marry her. But Muthuraj is different he is a play boy. Mayan says that Maha has no brother to fight for her but Mayan is there for his sisters.

Muthuraj says that he don’t love Aishu at all. He only needs Aishu’s properties. They insulted him after stopping his marriage twice. He wanna to get revenge for that. He will marry that Aishu and shows hell to her. He wants to see his eyes is bleeding with blood whenever he sees her crying. Mayan punches on his face. He falls down. He threatens him and warns him that he is ready to go to jail for family peace. Mayan leaves from there. Muthuraj provokes Aishu against Mayan. He manipulates her that Mayan is trying to get all properties. He already has half of their property. Gayathri married to Kathi so he has no problems with him. He sends Maha to company to irritate Saranya and make staffs against them. Their marriage is the only way to stop him.

Episode end.