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The episode starts with Mayan is praying to his father and losts in his thought. Gayathri comes there and brings him back to earth. Gayathri asks to him why is he silent? Mayan replies to her that he ran away from this house 20 years. He came back to this house to do the funeral to his father. He thoughts that was his last visit too but he never expected that his father ties his hand with all. He got one sister whom loving him like his own mother. He got married to Maha after he came here. He got one amazing family too.

He learnt what is love and how to help others through them. This house changed him a lot. Gayathri questions him Is this house come back to them? Mayan asks to her why did she not believing him like others? Gayathri appologizes to him and says that she trusts her brother but the situation is make her restless. This house is the only happiness of her mother. She don’t wants to see Nachiyar crying again. Mayan assures to her that everything will be alright.

Gayathri says to him that she trust him. She knew well whatever Mayan do is correct. Kathi teases them that he can’t able to see this paasamalar Brother and sister emotional track morning itself. Maha reaches there along with Nachiyar family. She gives temple prasad to him. Mayan deny to accepts it reasoning that his father already blessed him. He already says to him that everything will solve today. Nachiyar notices that Mayan done the pooja to his father..she asks Saranya to put the garland to the photo frame. Saranya and Aishu puts it.

All are praying to him. Nachiyar asks him to save the house from Maasani. Saranya appologizes to him for being careless and ended up in this situation. She asks him to help her to get back the properties. Mayan asks to Kathi Is money ready? He nods. He asks Kathi to bring the suitcase. Kathi gives it to him. Mayan opens the suitcase and shows the money to her. He says to her that 1crore rs is in it. He will give remaining amount after some time. Nachiyar accepts the money and thank him.

Mayan says to Kathi that all arrangements looks like school. Raja durai comes there first. Mayan and Kathi smiles to him. He scolds them in mind. Boopathy and his wife comes next. They greeted Saranya. Kathi informs to Mayan that Saranya helped his son. Narayanan comes there after him. Saranya glares him and informs to Maha that he misbehaved with her. Maha wishes to slap him but controlls herself.

Malairajan comes there and glares Mayan and Kathi. Mayan and Kathi hides their face from him. Sargunam and his wife comes after that. Mayan teases his wife. Saranya says to Maha that we wants to glare her but why did she glares her back? Kathi asks to Mayan who are they? Mayan replies to him that they are court peoples. They are here to check everything.

Kathi asks to Mayan where is Maasani? He replies that he is main villain so he will give late entry. He comes there and greets all. He talks to Mayan in teasing way so Mayan gives the fits reply to him. Raja durai comes there and informs to all that someone stoled money from him pretends to be a IT raid. Mayan teases him. He gives his amount to him and tears the agreement infront of Maasani.

Episode end.