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The episode starts with Kathi is sitting in dining. Gayathri comes there and asks to him Is Nachiyar scolds him. Kathi says that he threatens Nachiyar to accept Gayathri. She feels happy for getting love from him, but she is disappoints to hear him said to her that he will leave far from her if she accepts Gayathri back in back.

Kathi says to her that he is not a suitable person to her. Not only her beauty but also her education is not match with him at all. Kathi leaves. Maha is working in her cabin. She gets a call from receptionist. He informs to Maha that Temple priest is here to meet her. She asks him to allow him. Priest comes there and greets Maha. He informs to her that he is Sreeni vasa sastri he is doing pooja in temple from Rajarathinam time. Maha blinks her eyes twice to check whether he is Mayan or someone else. For Maha he is looking like Mayan. Just then she gets a clear vision he is not Mayan but priest. He asks Maha to accept the prasad. Maha collects it from him.

Maha doubts what’s happen to her why did she reminds Mayan in his place? Another one staff comes inside looks like Mayan. He is imitates like Rajani kantha. Maha surprise to see his act and asks to him what’s this this Mayan. Later she understands its her illusion he is not Mayan but Manohar who is union leader. He asks Maha to give bonus to her company staffs. Maha gives positive reply to him and sends him away. Maha feels like something is wrong with her. She asks Kousalya to meet her. Kousalya comes there and greets Maha.

Maha gets shock to see Mayan stands there wearing sarie and wig. She complaints to him that he is looking weird. She asks him to change his dress. Kousalya shakes her Maha comes back to her world. She appologizes to Kousalya and sends her away. She thinks why is Maha behaving strange today and leaves. Maha gets nervous. She is getting illusions of all Mayan’s character there. Mayan says to Maha that he is in her heart but she is not ready to accept it that’s why she is getting these types of dreams. Maha shouts his name loudly all characters disappears from there. Staff informs to Maha that one lawyer is here to meet her. Maha refuses to meet him reasoning she is not in the mood to meet anyone today. Muthuraj takes Vadivu to garden. Vadivu questions him why is he dragging her like this? Muthuraj informs to Vadivu that he is going to get married. Vadivu teases him stop blabbering.

Muthuraj informs to her that he is going to marry Aishu in this week. Vadivu gets surprise to hear it. Muthuraj says to her its secret marriage. Aishu already gave hint to Nachiyar about it but she brainwashed Aishu emotionally. Vadivu questions him Is Aishu deny to marry him? He informs to her that he tried but he planned smartly and made her agree with him.

Muthuraj convinces Vadivu when she starts complaining about secret marriage. He asks Vadivu to hide this matter from Chidambaram. Chidambaram comes there and enquires them what’s going on here? What are they trying to hide from him. Vadivu says to him they are not hiding anything from him. Don’t suspect them. Chidambaram complaints that they are planning against Nachiyar family. As a politician he can guess what’s their intention. Vadivu tries to manage the situation. Chidambaram alerts Vadivu that he will never stands quiet if they do anything against Nachiyar and her family.

Vadivu blames him for supporting her in this situation too instead of Muthuraj. She reminds him about past incidents but Chidambaram stops her by saying past is past. Vadivu stands adamant in her decision and says to him that she is planning against them. If he can stop her just do it. She leaves from there.

Chidambaram is thinking about Vadivu and Muthuraj’s plan. Mayan and Kathi notices him. They approaches Chidambaram and enquires to him what’s the matter? He is standing quiet there. Kathi and Mayan are teasing him. Mayan asks to Chidambaram what’s bothering him? He will helps him to solve it. Chidambaram enquires to Mayan why is he showing attittude to him. Isn’t everything going according his plan. Mayan says to him nothing is like that.

Chidambaram indirectly alerts Mayan. He pretends like warning him that Muthuraj is planning against him. Once it happen then he can’t able to dance like this. Chidambaram thinks that provoking Mayan is best way to stop Muthuraj. Mayan doubts what’s going on here. Maha is keep asking Mayan to do some works. He is also doing it without deny it. Maha notices that something is bothering him.

Maha asks to Mayan what’s going on? What’s bothering him? Mayan teases her to divert her. But Maha stops him and asks him to say the truth.

Episode end.