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The episode starts with Malairajan is staring Mayan in anger. Maha appologizes to Malairaj for Mayan’s mistakes. Malairaj complaints that all are trying to cheat him. Mayan keeps trying to Santhosh’s mobile but he is not attending it. Maha keeps appologizes to Malairaj and trying to explain him that Mayan and Kathi tried to do a mistake she stopped it. Malairaj complaints that he find out it early itself. If she fails to come on time then they would have end up in police station.

Malairaj complaints that Maha is also their partner. Maha questions him how will she support him? She has no idea that he called to police? She never think to stole money from him. Malai raj complaints that Mayan and Kathi are thief. Maha asks him to forgive them for her. He asks Maha to return the money then he will leave silently.

Maha gives 40lakhs to him then asks him to give extra time. Malairaj says to her clearly that he won’t go back without money. Maha questions Mayan what happened? Mayan replies to Maha that Santhosh is not attending the phone. Maasani asks to Malairaj what he is going to do? Malairaj supports Maasani. Malairaj gives his informations to the court peoples.

Nachiyar questions Saranya what happened? Saranya replies to her that she thought Mayan arranged the money. Nachiyar complaints that Mayan may think she arranged it. Somehow this house is going to leave from their hand. Saranya appologizes to her. Maha is nervous when Santhosh not attending the phone call.

Maasani is teasing Maha and asks her to say the answer. Mayan lies to all money is coming on the way. Court people are giving pressure to them. Maha tries to convinces Malairaj but he is not listening to her. Maasani asks to complete the process.

Rathinavelu comes there. Rathinavelu gives 45lakhs to Maha then asks her to return the money to him soon. Maasani questions Rathinavelu Is this true money? He replies to him he got money on his house. Nachiyar questions Rathinavelu why did he done like this? He replies to her that Maha is important to him.

Maasani questions Court peoples how much time they wants to wait? Court people asks to Maha when will money comes? Maha questions Mayan when will money come? Mayan replies that Santhosh will give money in few minutes. Kathi about to go Santhosh’s manager comes there. He informs to him that Santhosh withdraws big amount so someone informs to IT officers. IT raid going in his house. He sends him here to inform him. Maha and Mayan are tensed.

Maasani questions Sargunam what he is going to do? Already everyone back stabbed him. Sargunam wife assures to him that she will after receives money. Sargunam teases Mayan that he has no money in his hand though he pretends like he has. Mayan and Kathi comes there and asks time to them.

Maasani teases him what they are going to do now? Sargunam’s wife complaints that they already gave enough time for them. Mayan asks him to give 2 hours time. Maasani deny it. Mayan requests to court people. Maasani is trying to manipulates the court peoples. Court peoples supports Mayan by saying still he has time till 5pm. Maasani says that he can’t get money soon.

Gayathri questions Mayan what happened? Nachiyar questions Aishu? Aishu asks her to believe Saranya and Maha. Mayan informs to Gayathri that he trusted Santhosh but IT raid is going there so he refuses to give the money.

Nachiyar questions Mayan. Saranya is blaming Mayan and says to him that she done a mistake by getting loan in this house name and she trusted Mayan. She will commit suicide if anything goes wrong. Mayan lashes out at her for talking negatively. Mayan and Kathi leaves from there to meet Santhosh.

Episode end.