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The episode starts with Maha asks Mayan to share with her, what is bothering him? Mayan lies as nothing. Maha teases him that somehow he will share everything with her in two days, then why don’t he share it to her now? Mayan thinks to share it with her. Mayan asks Maha to don’t scold him. Mayan requests Maha to keep an eye on Aishu. Maha questions him why did he asking her to do it? Mayan informs to her that Vadivu and Muthuraj are planning something behind them. He doubts they are threatening Aishu to marry that Muthuraj. Maha deny it reasoning Aishu don’t like Muthuraj!

Morethen Nachiyar stopped her marriage. Mayan explains to Maha that Aishu is innocent so she will fall in Muthuraj’s trap. Just think about Muthuraj doesn’t he behind Nachiyar’s daughter? He alerts Nachiyar about it but she didn’t give heed to his words. Mayan asks Maha to talk with Nachiyar. Maha nods.

Kathi is ironing clothes. Gayathri doubts where is her sarie? Kathi asks to Gayathri what’s she searching for? She informs to Kathi that she is searching for her Sarie. Kathi says to her its here. Gayathri questions him why is he doing such things? Kathi says to her that she helped him to iron his clothes manytimes, so he wants to help her too. Not only ironing he knew to cook, washing also. Gayathri asks to him why did he learnt everything? Kathi says to her that he believed he will never get chance to marry that’s why! Gayathri shares to Kathi that she thought what will she do further in her life? But now she is feeling lucky to get Kathi in her life.

Kathi clears to Gayathri that ” Those who are looking like villain is not bad likewise those who looks like innocent is not good one too “. Gayathri says to him that she understand it after seeing Mayan! Kathi says that he is also lucky. Kathi alerts Gayathri about Aishu. Gayathri supports Aishu and says to him that Aishu is smart. She will never take any decision against Nachiyar. Kathi says to Gayathri that Muthuraj created an image that he started drinking for Aishu. He is creating sympathy. Gayathri again supports Aishu by saying she may be feeling guilt. He asks her to talk with her for a safety. Gayathri nods.

Nachiyar asks to Maha How is her office going? She gives positive nods to her. Nachiyar laughs in irony and says to her that she can able to understand her situation. When the phone rings Nachiyar calls Saranya to attend it. Saranya informs to her its Aishu phone. Nachiyar questions her why did she here instead of going to office? Saranya says that she is on leave. Maha is there to take care of everything. Nachiyar consoles Maha by saying Saranya used to fight with her father too. Maha says to her she will attend the phone but Nachiyar stops her. Maha takes Aishu’s phone and doubts why is Muthuraj calling her?

Saranya questions Maha why did she spying Aishu? Maha deny it. Saranya complaints that Mayan didn’t entered into this house when her father is alive. But now he is here because of this property. Doesn’t he has half of the property on his name? Then why did he trying to snatch remaining too? Maha is giving tension to her in office. Already Mayan seperated Gayathri from Nachiyar. Maha created cracks between Saranya and Nachiyar.

Now she is trying to seperate Aishu too. Mayan fighting with everyone openly, but Maha is pretending like nice to all and helping Mayan. Maha clears to Saranya that she misunderstood her. She will stay away from this matter but why don’t Saranya keep an eye on Aishu? Saranya complaints that Maha doesn’t know anything about Aishu? She warns Maha to stay away from Aishu’s matter!

Maha is thinking about the incident. Mayan talks with her to boost up her mood. Maha shares to Mayan that Rathinavelu and Paarvathy went to check! Rathinavelu is health is alright now. Paarvathy is adamant to reveal all truth of Mayan to him. Mayan fears the worst. He says to Maha that he can’t able to bear Rathinavelu anger and Ignorance. Maha shares to him that Parvathy didn’t like Mayan at all from childhood days. She will never accept Mayan. Mayan says to her that he is ready to fall on her feet. Maha shares to Mayan that she loves him so much. She can’t able to think a life without him. She hugs him and cries on his chest.

Episode end.