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Today’s episode starts with Maha giving the newspaper to Mayan. She ask him to read the content. Mayan gets shock seeing the wanted post with Adhavan photo in it. Maha ask him to read it loudly. Mayan reads he got loan 50lakhs from bank and didn’t pay back on time. He is in wanted list now.

Mayan thinks how comes he don’t know anything about it. Maha says to him that Mayan wished to give Gayathri hand to him who is in wanted list. If he dare to give her lifr to him can he able to imagine how her life will end up? He is an fraud. So don’t try to interfear in this marriage decision. Nachiyar choose an good groom for her. Mayan staring her in confuse state.

Mayan thinking about this incident seriously because Adhavan didn’t tell anything to him. Mayan calls to him he too picks the call. His tone is changed. Mayan ask his whereabouts? Adhavan replies to him that he is in important meeting. Mayan question him about the newspaper headline issue? Adhavan ask to him so he misunderstood him by reading it. May he is hesitating to give her hands to him right? Mayan deny it and offers help to him. Adhavan asj him to give the dowry which his father offered to him as advance he wanna repay his loan till then don’t call him. Mayan finds his attittude is different.

Nachiyar, Saranya, Ishu are talking in hall. Vadivu comes there with Muthuraj and says to Nachiyar that she wish to take photoshoot for Muthuraj wedding card. Nachiyar question her what’s the need of it. We have her old photoes. Vadivu tease her that she is not updated. Muthuraj informs to Nachiyar nowadays couples taking prewedding photo shoots. He wanna take that with Gayathri.

Nachiyar deny it. Maha explains to her what’s pre-wedding photo shoot. Muthuraj request her to take Gayathri with him to kodaikanal and Chennai. Nachiyar deny it. Vadivu makes faces. Maha explains to her that she hesitate to send because only few days left for marriage. Muthuraj ask her to allow him take photoes atleast in house. Nachiyar agrees with it.

Mayan informs to Kathi about Adhavan demad. Kathi alerts him by saying his attittude is changed according to the situation. He feels odds so be careful before giving her hands to him. Mayan and Kathi going to house.

Muthuraj and Gayathri getting ready to take the photoshoot. Gayathri has no interest to do it. Her family is watching them. They starts to take the photo. Gayathri don’t like him touching her. Maha and Mayan glaring him for touching Gayathri.

Epusode end