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The episode starts with Mayan and Kathi visits Santhosh house. Someone stops Mayan and inquiries him what’s the matter? He replies to him that he wants to meet Santhosh. IT officer says to him that he can’t able to meet him IT raid is going inside. Mayan begs to him to send him reasoning its very urgent. He is not listening Mayan. Mayan explains to him that he needs money. His family is in danger. That staff replies to him that he is talking with him normally if his suprior see him then he won’t allow him to go back. He starts enquires him. Kathi asks him to say the reason behind the raid?

He replies to him that Santhosh withdraw 80lakhs money. They got information about it. But Santhosh is not giving proper answer to them. Mayan again requests him to send him in. Superior comes there and questions Mayan. He replies to him the same but he didn’t allow him in. Staff advises him to leave. Mayan has no idea what to do next?

Nachiyar is thinking about the incident. Maha dials to Mayan. All are worrying there. Gayathri says to Maha that she must trust Mayan. He will come back with money. Maha replies to her this is everyone’s life matter. Aishu questions Saranya what will happen if he didn’t give money on time. Mayan is nervous thinking about the situation. He has no idea what to do? He starts crying. Kathi tries to console him. Mayan says to him that he has only two hours in his hand.

How will he face Maha. This is the last chance to prove himself. He never listened to his father’s word yet. Though he gave that family responsibility to him. Mayan is crying in frustration. He repeats to Kathi that he miserably failed. Only god can able to rescue him. Just then Santhosh’s servant comes out of the house. Officers checks her. She replies to him that superior already checked her.

Mayan and Kathi notices the servant. She says to Mayan that she wants to share one important thing to him. Mayan and Kathi follows her. She removes the wastage and gives the amount to Mayan. She informs to him that Santhosh asked her to handover this to him. Mayan feels happy to get it. She asks him to leave immediately. Mayan and Kathi are going in bike.

Mayan praises Santhosh’s act. Kathi too praises his timely help. Mayan asks him to inform Gayathri and Maha about it. Kathi replies to him that he wants to see the happy face of them. Maasani is talking with Sargunam. He says to him nothing to worry we are giving tough tasks to him. If we get the property then its happy news for us orelse its ok. We have nothing to loss.

Sargunam questions him why did he talking like this? He is adamant to get this property at any cost. Maasani replies to him that Mayan definitely bring the money back but he will stop him. Kathi is saying to Mayan that he wishes to go for a trip soon. Mayan too agrees with him. Suddenly one car dashes with his bike. Money falls down. They bring back the money to him.

All are waiting for Mayan. Mayan comes there along with Kathi. Maasani smirks at him. Mayan gives mocking reply to him and challenges him. Mayan asks Kathi to give the money to Sargunam. Maasani stops him and says that he knew well he will bring money back. If he doubts him he can asks to Sargunam. Mayan says to him stop teasing him. Its his father’s house he will never give it to him. Maasani asks Mayan to give the money to court people. Kathi throws it down and gets shock to find papers in it. Maasani smirks.

Episode end.