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The episode starts with Rathinavelu says to Mayan that he used to listen his heart when it’s coming about his matters. Mayan appologizes to Rathinavelu for his mistakes. Rathinavelu says that he knew well he done many wrong things! It’s hurted him a lot. Mayan wishes to confess the truth to him. Rathinavelu says further that he don’t mind whatever mistakes he done? He asks Mayan to give a clarification to him. Whether he has feelings on someone else other then Maha? Mayan assures to him that he will never go behind anyone then Maha! Till he close his eyes his love for Maha won’t change. Rathinavelu thank him for it. Mayan says to him it’s better to he himself revealing the truth to him, instead of someone inform it to him. Rathinavelu gives permission to him. Mayan about to start that he married to Maha, just then Maha reaches there and stops him saying futther. She asks him to shut his mouth and leave. Rathinavelu questions her why did she scolding him? Maha says that he is blabbering! Rathinavelu too agrees with her, he adds that he don’t mind even he back stabbed him also. He asks Maha to don’t mind Parvathi’s word. Maha nods.

Mayan is keep thinking about Parvathy’s word. Gayathri comes there. Mayan questions her where were she? Gayathri informs to him that she went to temple! Mayan questions her what did she prayed to god? He gives some options to her. Gayathri deny all and says that she prayed for Mayan. She adds that she is noticing Mayan from morning, he is not in a good mood. Mayan says to Gayathri that he learnt from newspaper that his father has crores bank balance. But Gayathri is the only gift he left for him. Gayathri gives prasad to Mayan. She says to him that Maha won’t accept the prasad if she give it to her. Mayan deny it and calls Maha there. Mayan says to Maha that Gayathri is hesitating to give prasad to her in the fear! she won’t accept it. Maha accepts her prasad. Gayathri kiss on Maha’s cheek and runs from there. Maha alerts him that Parvathy gives 10 days time to her. Mayan fears the worst! Mayan says to her that he is counting for the best. Mayan kiss on her cheek and runs from there.

Mayan questions Kathi why is he sitting here instead of going to job? He says to him that problems are not ending in this house. Now he has no idea what is Muthuraj up to?
Muthuraj is talking with someone about marriage! indirectly provoke Mayan and Kathi there. Kathi teases him that his drama is not working out at all. Muthuraj says that they are getting anger seeing him smile, that’s enough to him. Mayan warns him don’t marry the girl whom has no interest in him. Muthuraj says to him that he is his role model. Doesn’t Maha likes him now? Muthuraj says that always Mayan don’t win in this game? Muthuraj is badmouthing Aishu there. Mayan gets angry on him and starts beating him for it. Aishu comes there and stops him. She calls Maha there for help! Maha stops them. Mayan informs to her that Muthuraj is badmouthing on Aishu. Aishu deny it and says to him that she is enough matured to find out who is right and wrong? She takes Muthuraj from there!

Maha says to Mayan that Muthuraj is provoking him to make him angry. He knew well that Mayan will beat him in anger. He is using that situation to get good name infront of Aishu! Mayan says to Maha that we might be alert, reasoning he is planning something. Muthuraj calls Aishu to meet her secretly. He shows the nuptial chain to Aishu. She says to him that she likes it. Muthuraj asks her to give honest answer. She nods. Aishu shares her worst fear to her. Muthuraj says to Aishu that we can marry tomorrow! Aishu asks him to postpone this marriage. Muthuraj says to Aishu that Nachiyar is not saying anything to Gayathri and Kathi now a days. Nachiyar will accept them also. Aishu enquires to Muthuraj about the marriage details?

Episode end