Vijay tv fame Nam Iruvar Namak Iruvar successfully completed the first season of it . Now they launched the second season. As expected it’s doing well and maintaining a good response from the audience. The second season revolves around Mayan and Maha’s love story one side and how Mayan gonna fulfill the condition on his father’s will.

This story revolves around Mayan and Nachiyar family . One side Mayan suffering the ignorance of his family and receiving the hate of the Maha. Surya blackmailing drama take place in it.

In the previous episode, we saw how Surya threaten Mayan for money. Mayan gave money to him. Surya asked him to book a business class flight ticket. Rathinavelu booked a honeymoon ticket to Ooty for Maha and Mayan. Maha refuses to go with him. Latter she agreed to go for sake of Rathinavelu. Mayan enjoying the news with Kathi. Surya called him Kathi asked him to ignore his calls.

In the latest episode, Surya comes to meet Mayan. He warns him to call off the Honeymoon trip or else he will confess the truth to Maha family. He says to him he must go through the pain and sufferings he went through it. Mayan tries to beat him but Kathi stops him.

Maha says to him she doesn’t like to go with him. Mayan informing to Maha to cancel the trip. Maha asks him to take the responsibility for his words. Gayathri would be ignoring her calls intentionally. Saranya’s strategic plan to caught Mayan red-handed while auditing. Auditor asks to bring his father jewels. Maha brings it to be revealed to them that jewels were duplicate.


What will happen next? Will Mayan take responsibility or not? The upcoming episode will answer our all questions, stay tuned with our space for more updates.