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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: Rupa and Kahani to conspire against Rony (Raunak)?

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Gunjan remembers Iravati’s words and cuts her wrists. She writes I love Yug with her blood on a piece of white paper. Kahani asks Yug why are we here? He tells we are going to make passports for our honeymoon trip. Kahani tells she doesn’t want to leave India. Yug tells if she stays in India Raunak will find her any how. Kahani tells him to stop his brother why is he sending her? Yug tells you have to take the punishment. The cameraman tells Bhabhi ji’s eyes are very beautiful. He writes Yug’s name on Kahani’s form. Rani tells Kahani is everything for us so write her name on my form.

Raunak tells why did God give me a brother like Vibhishan. Iravati tells Yug why is he roaming around with Kahani? Saroj tells traveling is done with wife not with dancer. Gunjan tells Yug has forgotten a lot but I won’t let him forget one thing and she throws papers with I love Yug written with blood. Gunjan tells everyone to stay away from her or she will cut her wrists. She tells today you have to answer my question,you cannot stay silent today. I am ready to die for you and you just have to answer a small question.

Grandmother tells Iravati not to threaten Yug. Saroj tells Gunjan I have told you Yug will marry you,please have faith on me. Gunjan asks Yug to answer her whether he will marry her or not. She places the knife on her neck and asks if he will marry her or not. Yug tells yes I will marry you,he tells Gunjan to have faith he will marry her. Gunjan tells you are my childhood love so how can I not act childish. Yug tells Gunjan to throw the knife,he will marry her. He asks her how to make her believe him?

Gunjan tells I am waiting for you with my mangalsutra since the day you married Kahani. She asks Yug to put the Mangalsutra around her neck. Iravati tells why is Yug taking time? Saroj tells I told you I will get Yug married to Gunjan but what was the need to do all this drama?

Saroj tells Yug someday you are going to be with Gunjan so fulfil her wish. Yug hesitates looking at Kahani. Saroj tells him to put the mangalsutra on Gunjan’s neck. Yug puts the mangalsutra around Gunjan’s neck and Kahani thinks about her sindoor. Gunjan hugs Yug and thanks him for proving her right in front of everyone. Raunak tells it seems like a lucky draw,one got sindoor,one got mangalsutra. He asks Yug if there is going to be a third one? Kahani tells Rani to go inside.

Rani tells Kahani never does wrong for anyone. Grandmother taunts Kahani. Raunak tells Rani to stay here only,he tells Yug to clear whether Kahani will stay here or not. Saroj tells Yug did all this for Raunak because he would have went after Kahani if she went to her home.

Gunjan tells now Kahani can leave from here,the confusion is clear now and I am Yug’s wife. Saroj tells Iravati not to worry. Raunak tells now he is no longer interested in Kahani. Gunjan tells Yug is mine and he is going to stay mine. She tells Kahani to leave the house now. Flashback shows all the moments Yug and Kahani shared together. Kahani slaps Gunjan and tells Hum hum hai,fat jaye to bomb hai.