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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is witnessing Rajputs trials to stop Yug from inclining towards Kahani. Last viewers watched Yug finally decided to marry Kahani again. Saroj on side decided to make Kahani leave Yug on her own.

In the last episode, Yug told Kahani he will marry her again. Kahani asked him to return home if he ever will doubt his decision between their marriage ceremonies. Yug said he could do anything for Kahani and bought wedding outfit, footwear and jewellery for Kahani.

Kahani asked Yug to get sure of his decision as if we will break her heart, he will never get her. Saroj heard them and determined that she will not let Yug reach marriage hall, so Kahani would leave him on her own.

In the upcoming episode, Yug will lie to Gunjan and Saroj will catch his lie. To hide one lie he will speak another lie that he switched off his phone because he fell ill. Rupa will ask him to not lie. Yug will angrily say that they can punish him if they think he is lying.

Saroj will think she will not let Yug and Kahani’s marry each other. Other side Yug will think to explain Gunjan that she cannot remain happy with him as he loves Kahani’s. He also thinks to convince his family to accept Kahani as their daughter-in-law.

In village ladies will apply Haldi to Kahani. Other side Rani will apply Haldi to Yug. Yug will tell Rani that she and Lucky will also stay with him and Kahani.

Kahani will happily dance with village women and Rani with Yug. Yug and Kahani’s will have a cute and romantic talk in late night. Kahani will ask Yug about his feelings for their marriage. Yug will share his happy feelings with her.

Saroj at late night will think about stopping Yug and Kahani’s marriage. Next morning village women will make Kahani ready in bridal attire. Yug’s family will ask him to take Gunjan too with him and Rani outside. Yug will refuse taking Gunjan with him.

Saroj will intentionally hurt herself to stop Yug. Saroj will be taken to hospital. Yug’s family will accuse him for Saroj’s condition. Other side Kahani will be taken to the mandap. Gunjan will switch off Yug’s phone. Kahani will get worried on getting his phone switched off.

Family will not let Yug go away. Yug in his thoughts will ask God for help and blessings.

Colors recently released a new promo, which shows that Kahani and Yug will get married. After which Iravati will return to destroy Kahani’s married life by bringing out some past mystery of Kahani. See Promo:

How will Yug and Kahani make Rajputs accept Kahani as their younger daughter-in-law? What past mystery of Kahani will Iravati bring out to destroy Kahani and Yug’s married life?

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