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Namak Issk Ka Spoiler: No one believes Kahani, Rupa decides to stay away from Rony

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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is going to witness huge twist in the upcoming episodes. Rony in his selfishness has ruined many lives, his blackmailing made Kahani hurt Rupa, Yug and Rajputs. She became a bad person in everyone’s eyes. Now Kahani for the first time took stand for herself.

In the current track viewers watched, Yug married Kahani to save Rupa’ married life. Gunjan blamed Kahani and Rupa for her misery. Gunjan in anger tried to burn Kahani and badmouth her. Everyone stopped Gunjan, but here Kahani lost her all patience and spoke up for herself. She revealed her helplessness in front of Rajput family. Knowing the truth about Rony’s blackmail shocked everyone.

In the episodes ahead, viewers will get to watch Kahani revealing all about Rony’s bad deeds and accuse both Rajput brothers of playing with her feelings and making her work according to them. She will also blame Yug for trying to kill her, while Yug refuses her allegations on him.

Seeing Kahani accusing even Yug will make everyone angrier and they will refuse to believe her words. Kahani will say she knew nobody will believe her as she is dancer. Yug’s grandmother will try to throw Kahani out but Iravati will interrupt her and shoot her. Once Yug will save her but unfortunately second bullet will graze Kahani’s arm making her fall unconscious.

Saroj will stop Iravati. Doctor would be called, who will treat Kahani. Gunjan and Iravati will get angry on Yug for saving Kahani. Rajputs will explain her that Police will arrest her if they found she shot Kahani. Iravati in anger will try to hurt Kahani more but stop when Police will arrive and ask Kahani who shot her. Kahani will save Iravati by not registering any complaint. Rajputs will make Kahani stay till her wound recovers.

Rupa will decide to stay in separate room from Rony stating that their relationship has finished. Iravati will grab Rony’s neck and warn him to stay in limits. Yug will also be seen angry with Kahani for accusing him of attempt to kill her.

If sources are to be believed, viewers will get to see some romantic and close moments between Kahani and Yug. Yug will slowly fall for Kahani in the upcoming track. Rupa has also started to see or realize Yug’s feelings, love and care for Kahani.

Will Yug fall for Kahani? Will Yug’s feelings for Kahani will make him reach the truth? Will Rupa help to unite Kahani and Yug? What will be Gunjan, Iravati and Rony’s next step to keep Kahani away from Yug and their family?

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