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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is witnessing Rajputs trials to stop Yug from inclining towards Kahani. Last viewers watched that Kahani lost her smile, while Yug searched for her. Now in future episodes, it will be worth to watch how Yug will return Kahani’s lost smile and express his hidden love for her.

In the last episode, on one side Yug took Police’s help to find Kahani. Harsh recalled Raunak’s words and hit Rani with his football. Rupa scolded him, hearing which Gunjan and Saroj taunted her for supporting outsiders against her own son. Rupa scolded Gunjan but Saroj came in Gunjan’s support.

While Raunak asked his goon to find Kahani again. Yug reached Kahani through Village women’s help. On other side Iravati got busy in gathering extra powers to defeat and kill Kahani.

In the upcoming episode, Yug will reach Kahani and she will show him anger. He will tell her that she is his friend with whom he wants to live forever. Further, he will praise her a lot for caring for him and everyone. Finally, Yug will accept Kahani as his wife. He will also say that now she is his everything; love, happiness, smile and life.

Yug will continue telling her that he will not be able to live without her. Finally, he will confess his love for her in all his senses and hug her. She will recall about Yug’s betrayal and say that she can’t believe him because of his past behavior with her.

Kahani will not be able to believe, I love you from Yug even on his trials to convince her. She will say that nobody will try to understand her in his family and will request him to send Rani to her.

Yug will try to burn himself alive in his car. Kahani will risk her life and save Yug. She will scold Yug for his suicide attempt and cutely express her love to him. Further, she will ask for assurance from Yug that he will never leave or forget her. Both of them will hug each other. Kahani will say I love you to Yug.

Saroj will give Gunjan the jewellery that she kept for her younger daughter-in-law. Gunjan will promise Saroj that Yug will be hers only. Saroj will get determined to separate Yug and Kahani.

On the other side, Kahani’s will refuse to go with Yug to his house, saying that his family will never accept her. She will say that she cannot break his family’s heart. Yug will ask her for some solution to make his family accept her.

How will Yug and Kahani make Rajputs accept Kahani as their younger daughter-in-law? Will Ravikant let Saroj separate Yug and Kahani?

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