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Colors TV popular show “Namak Issk Ka” is wining hearts as till now Kahani had on sided love for Yug but now viewers got happy seeing caring and loving side of Yug for Kahani. Now, it will be interesting to see how Yug and Kahani will together will face hurdles made by their family against their love.

In the last episode, with the help of a woman police officer Yug and Rani got out Rajput’s clutches. With late in Yug’s arrival, Kahani lost all hope but with god’s blessings Yug and Rani reached the marriage hall.

At one side Yug and Kahani happily got married, where Yug said that he is just a stubbornness for Gunjan and Saroj rather than worry or love. Other side Saroj woke up from unconsciousness.

In the upcoming episode, Saroj will wake up from unconsciousness and ask for Yug. Family will tell her that Yug went to police station and will return soon. Yug will reach police station and tell everybody that dead body was not of Kahani. Saroj will understand that Yug remarried Kahani and will bring her home.

Raunak will think where did Yug went and where is Iravati. Other side Tantric in black all ask Iravati to wait for special night when all her dreams would come true. Rajputs will return home and get shocked to see Kahani with Aarti Thaal in her hand. Gunjan and Saroj will ask Kahani various questions on her reason to return.

Yug will stop their fight and perform Saroj’s aarti. While Gunjan and Rupa will take Saroj to her room, Yug will perform Kahani’s Griha Pravesh and praise her innocence, honesty and simplicity.

Yug will share his pain of lying to his mother with Ravikant. Yug will tell Kahani’s that he didn’t want to hide their remarriage truth from family but will have to. He will further tell her that he doesn’t want his family’s feelings to get hurt or Gunjan to take any wrong step or break Saroj’s trust.

Saroj will think to find Yug’s father to bring Yug on right path. She will ask Yug and Gunjan to return home. Finally, Yug will confess to Gunjan that he doesn’t love her.

Will Saroj be able to find her husband? What will be Gunjan’s reaction on Yug’s this confession? How will Yug and Kahani make Rajputs accept Kahani as their younger daughter-in-law? What is Iravati’s new plan against Kahani?

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