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Colors TV show Namak Issk Ka is gaining popularity among audience as Yug and Kahani’s love keep wining over Iravati’s powers. What is going to be Iravati’s next move?

Yug brought Kahani inside the house and his head began paining again. Yug told Iravati now he knows that her powers work only inside the house. Yug left Iravati outside the house and closes the doors.

Yug told from today this house’s door are closed for Iravati and no one will open the door. Yug told Kahani you were right Iravati’s powers don’t work outside the house. Raunak tells how will Iravati leave without food?

Saroj told now she will stand with her son’s decision. Saroj told Gunjan one cannot fight with destiny so Gunjan should accept her fate. Saroj promised Yug that Iravati won’t harmi him and asked him to let Iravati inside.
Saroj tells what Iravati did with Yug was wrong.

Iravati tells Saroj you made me realize two mistakes, Iravati told she thought Yug was her son and she considered this as her own house.

Saroj told why didn’t you attack Kahani directly? Iravati told Kahani has only one weakness and that is Yug.

Raunak told Ravikant there is some twist in story. Saroj tells Iravati your way is wrong,Yug keeps fighting. Saroj told Iravati that she told Yug that after today Iravati won’t harm Yug but she did not tell that whatever has to be done will be done by her.

Saroj tells she will use love to destroy Kahani. Saroj told Iravati to trust her that Gunjan will become this house’s daughter-in-law.

Saroj brought Iravati inside the house and asks her to apologize to Yug and Kahani. Saroj told she has decided Kahani will become this family’s daughter in law. Saroj told Kahani she always held her responsible for everything but now she will give her love.

Saroj told Yug and Kahani to get ready now she will prepare for their rituals alone.

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