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ColorsTV show Namak Issk Ka is now gaining popularity among audience as Yug realized his mistake and apologizes to Kahani. Yug has decided to leave the house with Kahani and begin a new life. How will Saroj bring Yug back to the house? What will be Iravati’s next move?

Rupa brought Raunak’s money and exposed him. Iravati and Saroj scold and blame Raunak for ruining Gunjan’s life. Saroj told Kahani won because of Raunak’s greed. Gunjan told Iravati blaming her was not the right thing. Saroj told Iravati how could she send Yug out of the house to save herself. Yug and Kahani ate street food and spend good time together.

Yug took Kahani to hospital as she sprained her leg. Raunak came home drunk and tried to molest and harass Rupa. Gunjan blamed Rupa for ruining her life. Rupa fell down while trying to escape from Raunak. Yug kept praising Kahani and she blushed. Doctor told Rupa she tried her best to save the kid but couldn’t.

Kahani asked Rupa what happened,how did she fall down? Saroj told Yug she wanted to talk with him. Kahani asked Rupa to tell the truth,did her leg really slip? Kahani thought all this is because of Raunak. Yug hugged his mother and tells her no to get weak. Yug asked Saroj if she is upset with him? He asked Saroj how all this happened with Rupa? Saroj told if family is near everything will be all right and asks Yug to come back.

Yug told he was cheated in that house how can he tell Kahani to return. Saroj told Yug he has just one reason to stay away but he has entire family to return to. Saroj told she will do whatever Yug told and asks him to return. Yug told Saroj to talk with Kahani and he will do whatever Kahani says.

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