There is hardly any news about actor Namish Taneja’s personal life who is seen in Mahesh Pandey’s hit show Vidya on Colors and the actor says that he likes to keep it that way. He says that since he has just started out, he wants t concentrate on his career and nothing else. “I feel this is not the right time to open up because it’s my learning time. I am just 25 now. My full concentration is on my work, career. The day I will be satisfied with my learning, that day I will be an open book,” he says.

Talking about his views on friendships in this industry, he says, “Ruslaan Mumtaz is a great friend. I don’t know why people feel that friendships are not possible in this industry. This industry is like any other profession, there are all kinds of people, including those who you will be able to relate to and like to spend your free time with.” 

Well, Namish Kudos to you for being what you are an honest and friendly person!.

He adds, “I am introvert because I am still learning and my concentration is on grabbing knowledge as much as I can so that I could learn good things.”