Namit Khanna is ruling hearts with his impeccable acting skills. His good looks compliment a hot Dr. Sid to lure and his skill in his art home makes no time for fans to drool on him. Check out the best scenes of Namit as Dr. Sid from Sanjivani this week which took our heart away!

First time when Dr. Sid comes to senses and realized his proximity with Dr. Ishani. It’s like waking up from a dream. Namit pinned the scene with perfect expressions of shock and despair. 

For Dr. Sid who just woke up from a dream and in denial mode of his love for Dr. Ishani, it is too much to bear the witness of her love for him. Especially, when such mehndi has a dreadful past with him. The first reaction was abrupt but without a thought. Namit as Dr. Sid show his shocking reaction evidently.

This scene was shot to make clear of Dr. Sid’s point of view. This shows how much he has gone through to forget a painful past. His agony was limitless but resources to erase that does have a limit. This scene shows his failure to cope up with his past. He didn’t want to give same pain to Dr. Ishani. Namit got the right expressions. 

This is the best scene till date of Namit as Dr. Sid. He nailed the changing expression from pain to shock to stubborn to frustration, all in a giffy of seconds. His agreement to his love for Dr. Ishani but disagreement for their togetherness make this scene worth watching. 

Namit in unsettling ways as Dr. Sid message all social media fans that they have to wait for all their hashtags as it is not possible for Dr. Sid and Dr. Ishani to be together at this moment. 

Namit looks cute as Dr. Sid when he changes his expressions from a caring doctor to jealous boyfriend.

Check out our final favorite of this week of Namit scenes. He changes his expression from being happy and hopeful to shock and devastated and finally grieving groom. 

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