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The episode starts with Surya asking Sharda to forget about the nightmare. Sharda says that it’s not easy to forget it, it was very scary. She cries saying she had put all the burden on him and apologizes to Surya for the same. Surya requests her to forget about the nightmare. He adds that if she remains sad then he has to take it as she doesn’t value all the efforts he had put for her. Sharda says that she can’t forget whatever happened and asks if he’s able to forgot it. Surya looks on. He asks her to forget everything and sleep. He adds that he will be with her whole night.

The morning, Anu wakes up from the sleep and checks her phone. She gets upset seeing that Surya hasn’t seen her messages and worries about him. Pushba scolds Anu for using phone in the morning itself. Anu says that she didn’t sleep well lsst night as she was scared. Pushba says that she used to get scared in the early stages of her marriage and that time she used to call Subu and he used to come running to her leaving his work. Anu thinks and texts Surya to come immediately.

Surya gets ready to do work out. He checks his phone and finds many missed calls of Anu and her text message. He gets worried and wonders why she asked him to come immediately. Surya rushes outside. Mansi calls him, but he doesn’t hear her. He drives off. Mansi finds something is fishy and follows Surya.

Meanwhile Ramya reprimands Anu for texting Surya. Anu says that she has the right to text him and he has the responsibility to come. She adds that she tried to call him plenty of times from last night, but he didn’t answer her calls.

Here Surya is on the way. Mansi keeps following Surya. Other side Surya phones Anu and enquires her if she’s fine. He says he’s on the way. Anu asks in return if he’s fine. She says that she will talk to him when he will reach here. Anu tells to Ramya that she feels guilty, but she needs to know if he’s fine. Here Mansi is wondering why Surya has come to such area. Suddenly she misses Surya’s car from the sight and gets frustrated.

Surya reaches the colony and informs Anu. The latter comes running to Surya. Surya asks her what happened, if she’s fine. Anu says that she feels relieved only after seeing him. She further says that she called him many times last night, but he didn’t answer her calls. She was worried about him. Surya assures Anu that he’s perfectly fine and says he has his mom and Anu to care for him. Anu says that his mom is with him, but she’s not.

Mansi is wondering which turn Surya had taken, right or left. Ragupathi passes on his scooty by that side and notices Surya Prakash’s companies car parked on the roadside and someone sitting inside it. He goes to see who he/she is. Ragupathi meets Mansi and gets to know she’s Surya’s sister-in-law. Mansi lies that Surya called her here but she lost the location. Ragupathi says that he knows the location because Surya regularly comes here. Mansi gets shocked. Ragupathi offers her to take where Surya is, but Mansi refuses. Ragupathi says that he knows she has come here following Surya. Mansi looks stunned.

The episode ends.