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The episode starts with Subu coming back home tired. He talks about Neel to Pushba. He wishes that Neel gives a positive reply regarding the marriage before Anu’s exam. Pushba asks about Neel’s relatives. Subu says Meera told she will collect the information and let us know. He asks where’s Anu. Pushba tells Surya is sick so she has gone to make ginger tea for him. Subu scolds Pushba for sending Anu at late night. He asks if lost her sense. Pushba says Anu has gone to her office only and that also with Sambath. Subu asks Pushba to talk to Anu about her behavior after she comes back home.

Anu tells if he hadn’t had cough, she wouldn’t have met him so she should thank the cough. Surya says its butterfly effect. Surya says she shouldn’t have come during her exam times. He then thanks her for coming at late to make tea for him.

Meera phones Mansi. Meera tells that Neel got a marriage proposal and the bride father asking for Neel’s relatives details. She asks if she knows about the same. Mansi saya she will get information from her collge friends circle.

Surya drops Anu at home. He asks to write well her exams. Anu waves bye to Surya. They share a smile. Subu watches everything from the terrace. He stops Anu to talk. He tells her in a calm way that they’re middle class and they should worry about what others say. Dignity and self respect are the biggest wealth for them. They should never lose it. She should be careful about her behavior. Anu says she will never do anything that he doesn’t like.

Subu gets emotional. He says no one should badmouth about her, if anyone talk bad about her that second he will die. He will fulfill and support all her dreams. He’s certain that she will make him proud and that will be the respect she will give back to all the love that they show on her. Then he talks about Anu’s marriage. He says he will never repeat the mistake he did while choosing Sambath. He will find a boy with all qualities that she can not reject. Anu says crying she will never let him down. Subu says they have full trust on her. He hasn’t spoken all this in front of Pushba since she will feel bad. Anu cries hugging Subu. He consoles her.

Meera calls her friends to get details about Neel’s relatives. Sharda asks to find a girl for Surya in her friend circle. Mansi says she’s not a marriage broker. She’s helping Meera as she requested her. Sharda asks who’s the girl to which Mansi says she doesn’t ask Meera and neither she told. Sharda worries about Surya’s future.

Anu and Ramya are preparing for exams. Anu struggles to tally a sum. She seeks Ramya’s help. The latter teases Anu saying she’s getting distracted dreaming about Surya. Ramya says Anu to tell i love you to Surya as soon as the exams get over. Otherside Surya is smiling looking at the jasmine plant.

The episode ends.