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The episode starts with Surya apologizing to Subu and Pushba for making them wait. Surya says Anu’s innocence is proved. Subu asks who’s the culprit then. Surya says it’s preferable to talk about it now. He apologizes to them for what happened. Surya phones Swapna. He asks her to type an apology letter stating that the company is apologizing for the insult that happened to Anu and her family.

Subu and Pushba thanks Surya. Subu further tells they’re debted to him for all the help. He tells that Anu will find a job that will suit her study. Anu, Surya and Pushba get shocked. Anu tries to speak but Subu stops her. He says they can’t see her suffering. Surya asks why he took such decision when everything was sorted out and he asked to give an apology letter from company’s side. He asks if he did any mistake. Subu says no but he doesn’t what anything like that happen again. If he wasn’t there, what would be Anu’s state.

Subu then talks about Anu’s marriage. He wants her to get married to a good boy, so Anu’s name should get spoiled. He says with heavy heart that Anu’s relation with this company ends here. Anu and Surya look shocked. Subu tells to Anu that he took such decision believing that she will not put him down in front of others. He thanks again Surya for all his help. Pushba tries to say something but Subu cuts her. They leave. Anu and Surya share a painful eyelock. Anu walks away. Surya cries.

Subu tells Pankaj that they’re leaving and today will be Anu’s last day. Pankaj asks them not to take any descion in hurry. Surya will definitely find the culprit. Pushba says Surya said Anu is innocent. They thank Pankaj for all his help and leave. Chandra comes back home. He asks Mansi shall they go to meet her friend. Mansi angrily says she canceled the meeting. She then asks what’s going in business. Chandra says nothing. When she keeps insisting, Chandra tells her what happened in the office. When Mansi blame Anu, Chandra supports Anu. He says Surya found out the real culprit.

Meera cries thinking she did a big mistake. She then decides to apologize to Surya to not let Surya go away from him. Pankaj asks Surya Anu resigned her job. Surya angrily says everyone wanted the same right. He asks them to go and party. He shouts get out. Pankaj says he’s not in the state to listen anything he will talk to him later. He leaves.

Meera comes to Surya’s cabin. Surya asks her to leave saying he needs some space. Meera asks sorry crying. Surya shouts at her. Surya says she has broke his trust. He warns her and asks her to get lost from his sight. Surya is upset remembering Subu’s words.

Poorni is shocked knowing what happened in last two days. She questions how thry can come and check their house without any solid proof. Subu and Pushba say Surya found out Anu is innocent and asked to write an apology letter on behalf of the company. Poorni says Surya should be praised since he understood their pain. Subu tells he has asked Anu to resign. Pushba says he took the decision in hurry. Subu says there’s no need for Anu to work in the company where she was once insulted, what tomorrow they will blame her again when another file will go missing. Poorni says she’s agree with Pushba.

The episode ends.