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The episode starts with Meera showing to Anu the gifts that Surya had presented her and saying that how much those gifts matter for her. She further says that she will protect everything that Surya loves including Anu. She admits that she knows Surya loves her so much and that’s the sole reason that she’s tolerating her (Anu). She adds that Anu snatched everything away from her. Since the day she has entered the office, Surya hasn’t gifted her anything, but she knows that she can’t change whatever happened. She then gives a lecture about true love. She says that Anu isn’t a correct match for Surya in anyway, yet she behaves as if Surya belongs only to her. She advises Anu to understand the reality.

Sharda brings coffee for Surya. She says that Anu is the same girl that she met in the temple. She finds Surya upset and questions him about the same. Surya says that this’s not the Anu that he wanted to introduce her. Sharda says that he can’t judge anyone with the dress. In his office, many people must’ve worn this type dress already and was looking cute in that dress. Surya says it’s not about her dress, he can and will never judge Anu with her dressings, her thinking and always being herself is her uniqueness which was missing today.

What’s the need for Anu to wear a dress in which she’s not comfortable and that when she’s going to meet her. Sharda says that Anu must’ve tought that this how one should dress for the board meeting. She adds that there’s no need that everyone thinks like him, there’s 25 years age gap between them. She advises him that this’s small thing and not to overthink about it. She then adds that Mansi bake a cake for her and called her downstairs to cut it. Sharda asks Surya to join them. She leaves.

Anu goes to Meera’s room to change her dress. She finds there many Surya and Meera’s photo and feels bad. She changes her dress. She cries looking at Surya’s photo and says that maybe like Meera said she’s acting like he belongs to her only, but that’s what he feels deep inside her heart, she can’t compromise him.

All are gathered in hall for celebrating Sharda’s birthday cutting the cake. Sharda sees the cake baked by Mansi. Surya joins them. Chandra keeps praising Mansi and the efforts she put to bake this cake while Surya is lost in his thoughts. Chandra asks Sharda about meeting Anu. Sharda notices Surya’s changing expressions hearing Anu’s name and tells Chandra that they will talk about it afterwards. Mansi keeps saying that something is missing in the car to which Surya harshly reacts which shocks Mansi.

Sharda tries to divert Mansi talking about something else. Mansi remembers that she forgot to mention her age on the cake and asks Sharda about her age. She keeps questioning Sharda. She asks at what age she got married and all. The senior servant says to Mansi that it’s not correct to ask her mother-in-law’s age to which Mansi reacts rudely.

The episode ends.