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The episode starts with Anu standing up shocked reading Surya’s message that he’s coming to talk to his dad. Anu gives an excuse when Subu asks what happened. Anu says that she has to make a work related call and goes out. She wonders why Surya is coming to meet her dad. Just then Surya comes there. Anu gets worried. Anu tries hard to convince Surya not to meet Subu, but Surya stays firm in his decision and goes inside. Anu says that she’s dead today.

Subu and Pushba get surprised on seeing Surya and they welcome him. Surya asks Subu about his health. Subu says that he’s feeling pain in different parts of his body. Subu then asks if Surya has come to his house just to know about his health. Surya says not only for that. Subu scolds Anu for informing Surya about his accident and disturbing him in his busy schedule. Surya says that Anu didn’t inform him about the accident. Subu asks then how he got to know about the accident. Surya hesitates the tells that he has come to apologize to him since a Surya Prakash family member is responsible for his accident.

Ragupathi puts his phone on charger and leaves. Sambath unlocks Ragupathi’s phone and tries to find out about Anu’s video. Ramya comes there with a bucket full of soap water to mob the floor. Ramya notices Sambath checking Ragupathi’s phone and asks him to hurry up. Ranjini informs Ragupathi about Surya visiting Anu’s house. Ragupathi says this is the right time to release the video and goes to get his mobile. He notices Sambath and shouts. Sambath gets scared and drops the phone in the soap water. Ragupathi laughs at Sambath thinking he dropped his phone. Ragupathi laments when he learns that Sambath dropped his(Ragupathi)’s phone. Ragupathi scolds Sambath. Sambath says that his phone data can be recovered if the mobile is taken to the shop and asks Ragupathi to give him the mobile. However Ragupathi refuses and says that he will get repaired his mobile.

Surya says that Chandra and his wife went for a long drive last night and that time they did his accident. Surya requests Subu not to be angry with his brother. Subu says that his brother talked to him very kindly and he’s also at mistake as he wasn’t careful. Subu further says that he’s not angry with his brother. Pushba apologizes to Surya for badmouthing his brother. Surya says that his brother should have been more careful while driving. Subu says that he’s proud of him. He himself come to him and admitted his brother has done his accident and apologized to them. Subu praises Surya’s goodness.

Surya says that he has one more thing to tell them. Subu and Pushba ask what it’s about. Anu gets worried that Surya is going to tell Subu about them. Anu intervenes and says that Surya must be getting late for office and asks Surya to tell another day. Surya says that he will ask Chandra and Mansi to apologize to them Subu says it’s not needed and he has apologized to them for that and that’s enough for them. Subu asks Surya to forget that incident. Surya takes leave.

Anu gets ready for office. Anu comes across Ramya. They have a talk about Surya. Anu says that Surya has come to see her as they can’t stay, even for a day, without seeing each other. Their love is very deep. Ramya doesn’t believe Anu and asks to tell Surya to prove his love for Anu. The latter agrees.

The episode ends.