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The episode starts with Anu and Chandru going to Kaligabal temple in car. They have a friendly talk. Chandru asks route to Kaligabal temple to a passerby. That passerby turns to be Sangili’s friend. He informs Sangili that Chandru is going to Kaligabal temple. Sangili remembers how Chandru had beaten him. He asks if he’s going alone. His friend says a girl with him, but she doesn’t look a native. Sangili says he will come with his men. He further says his son died in young, and it seems same fate is written to Chandru also.

At Chennai, Ragupathi and Ranjini, tells to a colony resident, Shanta that Ragupathi met Anu’s office manager and get to know that Anu hadn’t gone out of town for office work, but she had gone with Surya. He adds that Subu is aware of it. Shanta first doesn’t believe him, but later starts believing him. Ragupathi and Ranjini gets overjoyed thinking that now Shanta will spread this rumors to the whole colony.

Anu and Chandru reach the temple. A mechanic sent by Jayanthi, do something with Chandru’s car so that the car will get repaired in the midway and informs the same to Jayanthi. The latter thinks Anu and Chandru can spend sometime alone and have a heart to heart conversatio. Anu lights the diya and pays to Goddess that Surya should soon confess his love for her.

Chandru prays to Goddess for his and Sam’s marriage. Chandr insists Anu to say why she lighted diya. Anu says her friend told that if one lights diya in this temple on the full moon day, she will get married with the loved one. Chandru also wants to light Diya. Anu stops him saying only girls can perform this ritual. He asks her to suggest any temple where boys can light diya to get marry with the loved one. Anu teases him.

Surya and Narayan coming back from the market. Surya notices Lila coming with a boy in bike and entering into the temple. He gets rid off Narayanan and goes behind them. Lila and Satonsh pray to God then sit to discuss. Santosh suggests Lila visiting Vellore Kottai next day. Lila is reluctant, but Santosh convinces her. They leave. Surya overhears them. Surya and Narayan comes back home. Surya asks Pushba where’s Anu. She says she doesn’t know. She enquires Jayanthi and gets to know she has gone to the temple with Chandru. She worries for Anu. Surya reassures her.

Chandru and Anu are discussing about city life and village life. Suddenly the car breaks down. Chandru checks the engine, but can’t find what’s the problem. He phone the nearby mechanic, but he’s out of town. He tries to get help from his friends but none is available.

Anu panicks. She phones Surya. She says their car broke down and she’s scared. Surya asks her location and reassures her. While she’s speaking in phone, her mobile gets switched off. Surya leaves in Narayanan’s bike. Anu sees few masked men coming towards them. She signs Chandru. The latter orders Anu to sit inside the car and not to come out. Anu obeys.

The goons attack Chandru. They beat him. Sangili comes there covering his face. He beats Chandru and breaks his leg. He’s about to break his head, Surya comes there. He gives a kick. He fights the goons. Surya gets hold of Sangili and uncovers his face. He gets shocked seeing Sangili.

The episode ends.