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The episode starts with Poorni asking Subu why he’s reacting angrily when Surya is giving an apology letter. He can’t even do anything when Surya refused to give an apology letter. Subu says he might be wrong but there’s no use in talking all this now as it’s a closed matter. Subu asks Anu to look for a new job.

Pushba and Subu argue over this matter. Anu attempts to convince Subu. She says Surya might take them wrong if she suddenly resigns. Subu says let him get angry at them, but his anger will vanish in a few days. He’s rich whereas they’re poor. His world is different from theirs. He will forget everything for two days. Anu tries to explain to him, but Subu cuts her. He strictly asks her to remove everything related to Surya and his company from her mind. Anu looks shocked.

Surya is sadly looking at jasmine plant. Periyavar comes to call him for dinner. He walks away seeing Surya upset. Surya takes his mobile to call Anu but stops. Otherside Anu is also sadly thinking about Surya and recalls Subu’s words. She wonders what her dad meant, he will get angry, if she talks to Surya. Sharda asks Periyavar where’s Surya. Periyavar says Surya is sadly looking at the jasmine plant that he didn’t even notice him. Sharda says she also noticed his dull face when he returned from the office. She says no one should disturb Surya. Sharda phones Pankaj. She asks him to come home immediately.

At Meera’s house, Meera is seen crying. She decides not to go back to the office until Surya himself calls her back since he asked her to leave. She phones Pankaj. She expresses her sadness and seeks his help. Pankaj says Surya didn’t even speak a word to him, he doesn’t know how to talk about her matter to Surya now. Meera requests him to keep her updated. Pankaj agrees.

Pankaj asks Sharda what happened, where’s Surya, if he’s fine. Sharda says Surya is sad that he hasn’t even come for diner and asks what happened in the office. Pankaj says some usual office problems. Sharda tells Surya can’t stand the loneliness, he needs a life partner. Sharda asks Pankaj to make Surya understand since he understands Surya better than anyone else. Pankaj remembers Surya telling him the one should understand his love is standing against him. Sharda asks Pankaj to talk to Surya about this family and Surya’s happiness. Pankaj says he will talk to him tomorrow. Pankaj thinks he is maybe wrong and standing between Surya and his happiness. He assures he will talk to Surya and leaves.

Ragupathi asks Subu if Anu got dismissed. He says the whole colony is talking about this. Subu angrily says no one dismissed Anu, she resigned from her job. Then Ragupathi asks about the tender. Subu says Anu has declared innocent and the whole office apologized to her. He leaves. Anu overhears everything. She thinks dad was right, the whole colony is watching them, Surya may not understand this since his world is very big. She thinks she can never accept her dad to bow his head in front of Surya.

Ramya and Anu are discussing on the terrace. Anu expresses her sadness to Ramya. She says she can’t choose between her dad and Surya since both are important to her. Ramya says her dad to resign from the job so there’s no question to choose between Surya or him. Anu sadly looks on.

The episode ends.