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The episode starts with Anu expressing her idea for Devanandhini saree calender design. Chandra gets impressed with Anu’s idea. He appreciates Anu and approves her idea.

The staff are discussing about Anu not liking the calendar design and has gone to speak to Chandra about it. Yamuna is certain that Chandra will scold Anu. When Meera asks Yamuna about the quotation typing, the latter says they have to type Anu’s resignation letter too. Shankaran says everyone has the right to express their opinions in other case they should have called Anu to the meeting. Just then Neel comes there. Swapna feels pity for Anu. Meera advises everyone to concentrate on their work.

Chandra comes along with Anu. He announces they have made a small change in the calendar design. He adds Anu has given a fantastic idea which shocks Meera and Yamuna while the remaining staff are happy. Chandra explains Anu’s idea. Chandra asks Meera to cancel previous designs and to get new designs informations from Anu, as she will be leading it. Chandra wishes best of luck to Anu. All staff clap for Anu. Neel congrats her.

Surya recalls his last meeting with Anu and thinks he can’t stop thinking of her and tells want to meet her immediately, then Pankaj recalls Pankaj words and changes his mind.

Pankaj calls Anu to the conference hall. He asks her if she saw anyone unusual around her house. Anu says no. Pankaj asks to inform him if she sees anyone unusual near house. Anu agrees. Then he asks if she told anyone that Surya had visited her house the night he left to London. Anu gets shocked. She nods her no. Pankaj tells not to tell anyone about it. Anu asks if Surya has returned from London since she’s feeling like Surya is somewhere near to her. Pankaj doesn’t answer her. Anu apologizes if she said something wrong and walks away.

Anu wonders why Pankaj has asked her all these questions. She worries for Surya thinks he should be safe.

One of Surya’s bodyguard is listening a sad song. Surya questions why he’s sad. The guard says he’s missing her gf, it’s been two days that he talked to her. Surya plays the song and he also feels sad for not being able to talk to Anu.

Neel and Surendar are traveling in car. Neel says he is trying to find out Surya’s whereabouts but he’s unable. Surendar asks Neel to act as Surya’s fan and guess his thinking. Neel says even Anu doesn’t know where Surya is. He tries to call Anu but her number is busy. Surendar asks to get information.

Anu shares about Chandra approving her idea to Ramya. She also shares that she’s sad as she couldn’t reach Sury after trying so much. Ramya tries to console her saying he must be busy. Anu says she has to wait until he himself call him. Suddenly Anu recalls Pankaj questions her and tells Ramya about it. She asks Ramya not to tell anyone about Surya visiting her. Anu again starts telling that Surya didn’t message her. Ramya consoles Anu saying he will call her today since she heard lovers can’t stay without talking to each other.

Subu congratulations Anu saying Neel informed him everything happened in the office. He narrates to Pushba how Anu’s idea is approved. Pushba gets happy saying Surya must be overjoyed if he was there. Anu looks on upset.

The episode ends.