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The episode starts with Swamyadi telling Anu that she has to face lot of difficulties to get the happiness. She leaves. Pushna asks Anu not to worry about the nightmare. Anu says that she didn’t get any nightmare and looks puzzled remembering Swamyadi’s words.

Later Anu goes to the office. She thanks God for bringing Surya to her morning itself. She prays for Surya’s long life and wish to be with Surya for his lifetime. Anu is going to the storeroom to work. She comes acrossYamuna and Theena. They have a talk with Anu. Yamuna asks Anu why she prefers to work in the storeroom. Anu says that it’s easy to compare the current sale details with the older one when it’s needed. Yamuna asks her to be careful as she already fainted once in the storeroom. Anu nods ok. Yamuna asks Anu about some report. Anu says that another staff is handling it and that staff is working from home and also Surya will not come office today, so the report can be submitted tomorrow.ZAnu walks away asking her not to worry. Yamuna and Theena gossip. They say that Anu got the authority to give permission to a staff to work from home and also she’s the only person who knows that Surya is on leave today when even Meera is unaware about it.

Meanwhile, Poorni leaves for work. Ragupathi throws garbages over Poorni from balcony. Poorni scolds Ragupathi. The latter argues with Poorni. He comes downstairs and says that this isn’t garbage but money as per the idea given by Anu to ruin Surya’s company. He mocks Poorni. Pushba tries to pacify Poorni. The latter warns Ragupathi and asks him to clean all the garbages before she comes back in the evening else she will complain against him in the police station for public nuisances. She leaves. Sambath gives Ragupathi a broom and avdustbin and asks to start cleaning the mess as he knows he’s scared of the police. Ragupathi cleans the garbages.

Pushba goes after Poorni and asks what’s the need to argue with Ragupathi. Poorni asks Pushba why she’s trying to calm her down instead of scolding Ragupathi for throwing the garbages. On seeing Pushba stumbling to answer, Poorni asks if she’s thinking of fixing Anu’s marriage with Sambath again. She scolds Pushba for having such a thought and adds that Subu will never accept it. Pushba says that Swamyadi had told that Anu’s life partner name starts with A and Sambath’s full name is Azhakiya Sambath. Poorni scolds Pushba and says that Sambath is not the only person in the world whose name starts with A and asks Pushba not to ruin Anu’s life name by getting her married to Sambath. Sambath overhears their conversation and decides to talk to Anu about it.

Sambath phones Anu and says that they’re like siblings and they should always be best friends and cuts the call. Anu is puzzled and wonders what happened to Sambath. Then Anu goes to the storeroom and gets shocked finding the notebook on the floor. She remembers last time placing the notebook in its place before leaving the storeroom. Anu picks it up and wonders how it fell down again. She starts checking that notebook and looks shocked.

The episode ends.