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The episode starts with Surya uncovering the attacker’s face. He gets shocked seeing Sangili. The latter says he will not spare anyone in Annammal’s family and runs away pushing Surya. Surya goes to check Chandru, who is shouting in pain. He enquires if there’s any hospital nearby. Chandru says there’s only a village doctor nearby. Surya and Anu support Chandru to walk and take him to the village doctor. He applies a oil in leg and gives a medecine. He says he will get well by morning. Chandru falls asleep.

Raji wonders where Chandru went. Jayanthi tells her that Chandru took Anu to the temple. The one who refuses to come to the temple, voluntarily agreed to take Anu. Raji didn’t like it. She angrily leaves. Pushba hears them and worries for Anu. She tries Anu’s phone, but it’s switched off.

Jayanthi says to Pushba that her phone might’ve got switched off and asks her not to worry. She further says it’s good that Chandru and Anu can spend sometime together and have a heart to heart conversation. She asks not to get angry on Anu when she will come back. She leaves. Pushba wonders why Anu’s phone is switched off. She’s angry with Anu that she has left without telling her.

As Chandru is sleeping, Surya suggests sitting inside the car. They walk smiling looking at each other and enjoying the moment. They reach the car. Anu asks if they have to spend the whole night inside the car. Surya suggests sitting outside. Anu saya it’s very cold. Surya checks the car’s trunk. He finds a shall. He covers Anu with that shall. He places some newspapers on the ground. Anu sits on it. Surya goes to bring some sticks and creates a camp fire. Surya and Anu sit together and enjoy the camp fire. Surya asks why she suddenly wanted to go to the temple.

Anu tells an anecdote about a small girl who wishes to keep the sun near her and she gets to know that if she lights diya in the temple, she can be with that Sun for all her lives. That girl also believes in it and goes to that temple. Surya asks if it’s Kaligabal’s temple. Anu nods yes smiling.

Pushba phones Surya. The latter asks Anu to answer the call. Pushba asks what she’s doing with Surya’s phone and scolds her for not informing her whereabouts. Anu calms her down and says she and Chandru are with Surya. Pushba asks why her phone is switched off to which Anu says her phone’s was dead. she tells Pushba about what happened while returning from the temple and asks her not to tell anyone in the house until they come back. Pushba asks her to come immediately home. Anu says they can’t come now since car is broken down and also Chandru is sleeping after taking medecine. They will come once Chandru will wake up. Pushba asks to give the phone to Surya. She asks him to take care of Anu. Surya assures her that he will.

Jayanthi asks if she’s relieved now. She has told her that no need to worry. Pushba says a girl’s mother’s heart will worry. Jayanthi agrees. She will also worry if Lila doesn’t reach home. Pushba goes to sleep.
Surya asks Anu what her mom said. Anu says she’s worried for her, but after knowing she’s with him she’s relieved. Anu asks in mind if he will be always with her. Surya replies in mind that he will be always with her.

Anu says she’s hungry. Surya goes to find something to eat. He brings fruits for her. Surya says she shouldn’t stay hungry when he is with her. They have the fruits. Anu thinks whether she should feel sad that a buisiness tycoon doing all this for her or she should feel happy that he’s caring for her. They share a moment. When Surya says he saw a snake while going to bring fruits, Anu gets scared and moves closer to Surya. She looks around scared. Surya smiles. Raji is furious that Chandru went to the temple with Anu without telling her and expresses it to her husband, Shanmugam.

Surya tells Anu that he saw Lila with a boy while coming back from market. Anu says they could be just friends. Surya is certain that they’re lovers. They decided to go to the Vellore Kottai tomorrow. There will he problem, if her family gets know it. Anu agrees. She says Annammal will get angry if she knows that Lila love someone without her knowledge. She further says there’s nothing wrong in loving someone, but one shouldn’t love a wrong person. Surya thinks he can’t express his love for her. Anu thinks she’s waiting when he will confess his love. Anu says she’s feeling sleepy. Surya puts some more newspapers on the ground. Anu sleeps. Surya admires her.

The episode ends.