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The episode starts with Ramya suggesting Anu to find a new job as her dad wants but keep talking with Surya like always. Anu gets annoyed with her suggestion. Anu says she doesn’t understand the seriousness of the matter. She further says her dad who asked her to cut all ties with Surya’s office will never accept her love. She says she’s unlucky that her love story ended before it started. She cries. Ramya tries to console her.

Sharda is admiring the jasmine plant. Surya comes there. Sharda asks him to see the jasmine flowers. Sharda tells her mother used to say that any plant will bloom when it was planted with kindhearted. She asks him who had gifted him this plant. Surya remains silent. Sharda says he must’ve forgotten the client’s name as he has lots of clients. The person, who had gifted him the plant, must be good at heart. Surya smiles.

Just then Pankaj comes there. Sharda leaves asking them to talk. Pankaj asks Surya if he’s angry with him. Pankaj says he always saw him as the Surya that he had met in school days that he didn’t realize that they’re growing old. Surya asks why he’s talking about all this now. Anu resigned her job like he always wanted. What else he wants now. Pankaj shows the ring. He says he has come to return the ring. Surya recalls giving the ring to Pankaj asking him to return it when he will admit that his Anu is gold. Pankaj admits his defeat. He asks if he doesn’t have anything to say. Surya says he has to say but no one want to listen. He takes the ring and asks Pankaj to leave.

At Anu’s house, Poorni tells Anu she has talked with his collegue regarding her job. He has told that he will recommend her to a multinational company. Anu worries what to answer when she will be questioned why she had resigned from Prakash Group of Comapanies. Subu asks her to tell the truth. Pushba doesn’t agree with Subu. The both argue. Poorni says they know our daughter is innocent but everyone will not agree with that. Subu asks Anu to show them the apology letter. Pushba reminds Subu he took Anu with him before she could collect the apology letter. Anu says she hasn’t got yet the relieving letter. Poorni suggests Anu to go to office the next day to get the relieving letter.

The next day morning, Surya is looking at the ring. Sharda comes there. Surya hides the ring. Sharda asks Surya what’s troubling him. Surya says nothing. Sharda advises him to share his with others so that his heart can get light. Surya repeats he’s fine. Sharada isn’t convinced. She asks to talk to the person who’s troubling him. She further tells she can’t see him upset. She leaves.

Ramya and Sambath visit Anu. They ask her if she’s not going to office. Anu says she’s in dilemma. She scared to go back to that office since she’s emotionally attached with that place. Ramya asks her to phone Surya. Anu refuses. She says her dad may not like her talking to Surya. The latter used to say she should listen to her parents. He also thinks like her so he hasn’t called her as well. Ramya persuades Anu to go to the office. Anu says she will not meet Surya in the office. She goes to get freshen up. Ramya and Sambath texts Surya from Anu’s mobile asking him to meet. They delete that message. Surya receives Anu’s message. He recalls Sharda’s advice. He decides to confess his love for now today. He says he will accept whatever be Anu’s decision. He texts the location to meet. Ramya and Sambath gives hifi.

The episode ends.