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The episode begins with Surya telling his staff about a special person’s arrival at the office. He says let’s welcome looking towards the door, but no ones there. He looks at his watch and wonders where Anu is. That time Neel enters the office while everyone looks at him with a confused expression.

Meera introduces him to Surya as their new employee who got selected in their campus interview. She introduces Neel to other staff too and says he will handle the law section. Surya remembered him and welcomes him giving a bouquet. Neel says joining the Prakash group of companies was his dream and he is happy that his dream came true. He says Surya is his inspiration. Surya presents Meera and Pankaj to Neel as the two pillars of his company and says he trusts them completely. Then he introduces Shankaran as a legal advisor. He says one more important person has to come.

Pushba catches Sampath spying at their house. She takes him to Ranjini and says they could have asked her directly if they want to know what’s happening in their house and leaves. Ranjini scolds Sampath. says if the reason behind Anu returning from Banglore in one day come out, they won’t be able to show their face to anyone.

Subu and Pushba are listing out the grocery items they have to buy for the month. Pushba finds Subu lost in his thoughts and questions him. Subu says he is worried about Anu’s exam. Pushba asks him not to worry as Anu will handle it. He says Anu’s concentration is distracted due to the transfer. He says whatever happened isn’t right. Pushpa says someone else must had transferred Anu without Surya knowledge, that’s why Surya must have brought her knowing about it.

Surya keeps checking his watch. He tells Neel that he is lucky the first day he doesn’t have to work as they are celebrating open office day. He asks Neel to select his seat. Neel chooses Anu’s cabin. Surya says that the place is already taken by him. Neel says next time he will reserve it before him.

Surya says he will never leave that place to anyone for any reason. That time comes to the office. Anu and Surya look at each other smiling while the staff gets surprised seeing her. They question what she is doing here. Surya says Anu isn’t going to Banglore, she will stay with him in this office. He shakes hand with her saying welcome Anu. They both get lost in each other’s eyes.

Meera welcomes back Anu. Surya informs her about celebrating open office day today. Anu thinks in mind that she should spend her whole day with Surya. Meera introduces Neel to Anu. Neel shows his hand to shake hands, but Anu didn’t notice him as she is lost in Surya’s thoughts. She comes to reality and joins her palms together to greet Neel. Meera tells Pankaj that Anu, Neel Jodi looks perfect. Pankaj says Surya is stuck in between them.

Surya sits on Anu’s place and says today it will be his place asks, Neel, Anu to select their seats. Anu takes out Vinayegar’s photo and prays to it. She says he is her God and she prays to him before starting her work. Shankaran says God brought her back to this office. She says everyone prays to God for not committing any mistake in the work.

She continues looking at Surya that sometimes even God makes some mistake and then he himself correct it. The one, who had sent her to Banglore, also brought her back. She says there should be a big reason behind it. Shankaran agrees with Anu and says God wants her to be here.

Anu says God will never let the one who believes in him down. Neel says even Surya had agreed with it when he gave a speech. Surya gets impressed with Neel. Meera wants to talk with Surya in private. Surya agrees. He tells Neel to take Sakaran’s help if he has any doubt before leaving for his cabin. Meera asks Anu to assist Neel since Sakaran is a senior employee. She also appreciates Anu for her dedication.

Meera apologizes to Surya for making all arrangements to welcome Neel without discussing it with him. She further says she herself handled Neel’s employment form as Surya’s phone was unrechargeable. Surya says Mansi told him about Neel, but he forgot it completely and thanks Meera for saving him from big trouble and leaves.

Pankaj asks Meera if whatever she said about Neel is true since it’s not easy to enter this company without Surya’s permission. Meera says Mansi knows Neel. Pankaj says something is fishy and asks to keep an eye on Neel. Meera asks him to keep both his eyes and leaves.

The episode ends.