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The episode starts with Sharda arriving at Anu’s colony. Seeing Surya’s car, Anu thinks Surya has come. She says to Ramya Pankaj must have sent Surya to test her and asks Ramya to make him leave. Ramya goes downstairs. She hides when Pankaj signs to go. Sharda asks Pankaj if he’s following her. Pankaj asks what she’s doing here. Sharda asks of Anu is leaving here. Pankaj says there are lot of houses in this place, how she will find Anu’s house. He asks her to leave since Surya will feel bad if he got to know that she has come here to which Sharda also agrees and leaves from there.

Sharda wonders how Pankaj reached there. She feels bad that she couldn’t meet Anu. Just then she sees Swamiyadi and stops the car. Sharda says she has come searching for a girl but couldn’t meet her. Swamiyadi says Goddess knows when to make her meet that girl and asks to trust her.

Ramya, Anu and Sambath are in the terrace. Ramya says Pankaj signed her to go so she has come back, as she’s scared of Pankaj. Sambath also says Pankaj once threatened him with his gun. He asks Anu to go to the office without overthinking. Anu says she can’t go after Pankaj asked her to stay away from Surya. Ramya asks how she can come to a conclusion without talking to Surya. Sambath suggests to toss the coin to know whether she should go to the office or not. The result come that she should go. Ramya says the trust is the base of their relationship and she shouldn’t break it. She should go and talk to Surya. Anu looks on.

Surya smiles looking at Anu’s cabin at the same time Neel also looks at Anu’s cabin and gets upset that she hasn’t come yet. His colleagues think that Neel got sad as Anu hasn’t come to the office. Surya is waiting for Anu looking at his watch. Pankaj comes to Surya’s cabin. Pankaj says Anu will not come today. Surya asks if he’s responsible for Anu not coming to which Pankaj denies. Surya gets emotional. He says he (Pankaj ) is his only friend but he couldn’t share his heart’s feelings with him since he makes him feel guilty talking about his age. He requests Pankaj to act ,at least for once, as the old Pankaj. The latter also gets emotional. He asks him to become the Surya that he was used to be.

Pushba is filling water from the tap outside. While going back taking the water she bumbs into Ranjini and the water falls down. The both get into an argument. Ranjini says Anu is spoiling her daughter Ramya by talking with her in late nights. Pushba tells to Rajini to ask her daughter not to talk to Anu and angrily leaves.

At the office Neel is waiting for Anu to talk regarding the marriage. His colleagues thinks there’s some fight between Anu and Neel so the latter is waiting for Anu to convince her. At Surya’s house Mansi gets suspicious about the fact that Sharda went to the temple without her. Anu comes to the office with a letter. She wonders if Surya read her text or not. He hasn’t replied her yet. She thinks of calling Surya but worries what if Pankaj receives the call.

The episode ends.