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The episode starts with Anu coming to the office. She wonders if Surya read her text or not. She thinks of calling him but scared what if Pankaj receives the call. She gives a letter cover to FM asking to give to Surya and leaves. Meera also gives a letter cover to FM. The latter mixes the both letter and places Anu’s letter on Neel’s table and Anu’s letter to Surya.

The latter reads the letter and questions what it’s. It’s a letter from Meera to Neel. FM apologizes and goes to bring Anu’s letter. In between Neel read Anu’s letter asking to meet in the park evening. A colleague takes Neel for some work. FM takes Anu’s letter from Neel’s cabin.

Sharda is praying to Goddess. She tells she gets happiness whenever she hears Anu’s name. She can’t wait to meet Anu so that she has gone but couldn’t meet her. She will wait until she will make her to meet Anu. The latter is walking on the road. She sees a blind man trying to cross the road. It’s Surendar disguised as a blind man. She help him.

Surendar tells Anu no one helps him and he’s also scared to ask as he doesn’t have trust on anyone. Anu says we can’t live without trust. Surendar says people fool others in the name of trust. He is about to say Surya something but Anu can’t hear him due to vehicle’s noise. She asks him what he said to which he says nothing.

Anu drops him in the bus stand and leaves. When she takes out water bottle from her back, she notices a note in which is written how she will get a good future without knowing his past. Anu throws the note and goes back to the bus stop. She doesn’t find the blind man but finds the same message written on the board. Anu looks shocked.

Anu is sitting on a bench park lost in her thoughts. Neel calls out Anu. The wonders what Neel is doing here. She asks him about the same. Neel receives Surendar’s call, but he cuts the call. Surendar angrily says he’s doing unnecessary things leaving his work. Neel says she has asked him to come here. FM gave her letter.

Anu says not to joke. Neel says he’s serious. He starts expressing his feelings for her. He says he doesn’t have anyone for himself. He doesn’t have enough courage to tell the real intention of him coming here. He apologizes to her. He would like to spend more time with her but he doesn’t deserve her. Anu says he can’t understand what he’s telling. Neel says he himself doesn’t understand. He adds about Subu having meeting him to talk.

Surya comes there just then. He sees Neel talking with Anu. He walks towards them. Anu notices him. Surya asks if he disturbed their talk. Anu says she has come to meet him, but ended up meeting Neel. The latter receives Surendar’s call. Surya asks to answer the call putting on the speaker, but Neel hesitates.

Surya shouts pick the call. Surya snatches the mobile. Surendar keeps asking Neel to speak. Surya says Surya Prakash. Surendar cuts the call stunned and scared. Neel tries to explain, but Surya angrily asks him to leave. Anu explains she doesn’t understand what’s happening. What’s the matter. Surya says they will discuss tomorrow in the office and asks Anu to leave with the security guards. Surya phones Pankaj. He tells him about Neel’s truth. Pankaj is shocked.

The episode ends.