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The episode starts with Chandra indirectly reminding Anu about the task given to her by Mansi. Anu nods ok. Chandra then sees Surya being very happy and asks if he got any project. Surya denies and says that he’s surprised Chandra shows intrest on the business. Chandra jokes and leaves. Anu and Surya discuss Chandra. Surya says that Chandra is innocent. Anu laughs and says that Surya is innocent as he didn’t understand what Chandra was asking to her. He was asking the status of the task finding Surya girlfriend. Anu further says that she’s scared of facing Chandra when he will get to know she’s Surya’s lover. Surya tells to not worry.

Anu is working sitting in her desk. She notices Surya’s message on her phone and checks the file, She finds Surya’s letter. She reads that Surya is waited whole night to meet her, He came to office to see her face and he gets sad if she comes late. Her sunrise starts with her arrival. He is waiting to see her daily in his house. Anu smiles and thinks that Surya is very romantic. Anu writes a letter Surya. She writes that she also waits to meet him in the morning and she is also waiting for the day when they will be together in their house. Anu calls out FM and tells him to give the file to Surya. Meera notices this.

Pankaj scolds FM for interrupting them when they are discussing an important matter. FM says that Anu told to give this file to Surya The latter rushes to FM to collect the file and tells him to leave. Pankaj teases Surya. The latter scolds him and sends him out of the cabin.

Surya reads Anu’s letter and writes a reply letter to Anu. Surya says that it’s big surprise for him to see her in saree. He is happy that she’s trying to change herself for him. He expresses his love. Surya calls FM and gives the file to him asking to handover it to Anu. FM obeys. Anu reads Surya’s letter and smiles. She writes another letter for Surya. She writes that she wants to meet him that evening at the temple to have an heart to heart conversation. Anu calls out FM and tells him to give the file to Surya and walks away. Meera notices this. She calls out FM and tells him to come to the conference room.

Meera asks FM about the file given by Anu. FM says that he doesn’t know about it. Meera says that it should be Devanandhini fabrics file. She will give it to Surya. FM nods ok and leaves. Meera checks the file. She fumes reading the letter exchanged between Surya and Anu. She takes out a paper and draws a big smiley face. She calls out FM and tells him to place on the Anu’s desk. FM obeys. Later Anu checks the files and thinks that Surya drew the smiley emoji and they will meet at the temple evening.

Anu happily comes back home and smiles recalling Surya’s words. She looks at her reflection on the mirror and sees Surya. She smiles. Anu dressed up and gets ready to leave. Pushba asks Anu where she’s going. Anu tells that she’s going to the temple and leaves. Pushba prays for Anu’s safety. Anu waits for Surya at the temple while he’s working in the office unaware of this.

The episode ends.