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The episode starts with Neel asking Anu to copy official documents into a Pendrive. Anu gets shocked to find the folders empty. Shankaran asks Anu to recheck as when he checked, the documents were in the folder. Anu says the folders are empty. Neel asks Anu to calm down and recheck if the documents got saved in a different folder. He helps Anu to search. Anu says the folders are empty. The trio gets tensed.

Neel says they should have a back up since soft copies can be easily manipulated and get damaged if someone pours coffee on it. That time Meera comes there holding a cup of coffee and asks what’s happening. Anu by mistake pours the coffee on the files. Meera asks Shankaran to reprint the file and save it in the drive. Anu informs Meera that the scanned copies saved in the drive got erased. Meera scolds Anu for destroying the documents and gives her 24 hours to recover them. She says she won’t inform Surya and asks the one who has the courage to speak to Surya about it and leaves.

The staff tells Chandra Prakash that he missed three surprises. The latter questions what surprises. The staff lists out that first Surya came to the office in a casual outfit, second Anu returned to the office, and third a new employee, Neel joined the office. When Chandra asks to meet Neel, the other staff says he is with other staff is in the file room and they all seem tense.

Meera ordered lunch for Surya. She tells to Surya that nowadays he isn’t having his lunch properly and asks him to have. Surya thanks Meera. He glances at Anu’s lunch box.

In the textile shop, Subu is sitting lost in his thoughts. His boss asks if Anu had gone to Bangalore. Subu says she had returned, as her transfer got canceled. The boss says then whatever he heard is true. Subu doesn’t understand. The boss says Surya himself went to bring Anu and asks when she returned home.

Subu says it seems he already knows everything and sarcastically says hereafter he have to ask him to know what’s going on in his house. He goes out to call Anu, but Anu doesn’t receive the call since her phone is on charge in silent mode. Subu gets tensed and calls Pushba. He tells her Anu isn’t answering his calls and asks her to call and check on Anu.

Chandra asks Meera what happened in the office, as he heard there’s some tension. Meera tells him that the important official documents got deleted from the drive and they are trying to recover them. Chandra gets angry. When Meera says Surya doesn’t know about it, Chandra decides to talk to Surya, but Meera stops him saying not to disturb Surya as she will handle it. Chandra doesn’t agree with her. Meera convinces Chandra saying she has given Anu 24 hours time to recover the documents, if she’s not able to recover the data then they will decide what to do.

Pushba calls Surya to talk to Anu. Surya glances at Anu’s phone and says she is busy in her work. Pushba says she also thought the same, but Subu doesn’t understand this. She asks Surya if he had lunch. The latter glances at Anu’s lunch box and lies yes. Surya checks the time on his watch and thinks in mind that he is waiting for Anu to share his lunch with her. Then he notices Anu, Neel together. Neel assures Anu saying they will find a way to recover the files.

Neel and Anu are trying to recover the files. Neel consoles Anu who is upset and takes her out for lunch. Anu glances at Surya before going out with Neel. Pankaj asks Surya to recall him when they last celebrated open office day. He tells Anu, for whom he is waiting without having lunch, has went out with Neel. Surya looks on.

Meera informs about a meeting and asks him to get ready in a formal outfit. Surya goes to change. Anu comes back running looking for Surya. Meera stops Anu and asks to recover the files in the given time and asks her to leave. Meera thinks in mind hereafter she won’t let Surya meet her.

Anu takes her bag and lunch box and moves inside the lift. Neel joins her. Surya is seen coming to attend the meeting.

The episode ends.