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The episode starts with Anu confronting Jayanthi. Anu says to Jayanthi that she’s surprised knowing that she wants her to become the daughter-in-law of Suryavamsam family and asks why she thought like that. Jayanthi says Raji wishes to marry her to Chandru.

Raji who hears them, comes there and says she wished to marry Anu to Surya and not to Chandru. Jayanthi says Sam is already there for Surya. Jayanthi and Raji starts arguing. Anu stops them. She says she considers Surya and Chandru as her brothers. Jayanthi apologizes to Anu.

Pushba says she should’ve talked to Anu the day when Jayanthi had talked to her about it so it would’ve avoided all this confusion. Surya and Chandru come there. They scold Jayanthi and Raji for misunderstanding their friendship with Anu. They both say they consider Anu as their sister. Anu advises Jayanthi and Raji to ask the girl or boy’s opinion before beginning to talk about the marriage. Surya and Chandru apologizes to Anu for the misunderstanding.

Anu phones Surya Prakash. She asks him to bring a mango juice and asks him to add lot of sugar in the juice as she’s very happy. Surya brings the juice for Anu. Anu teases Surya. She conveys him through a story that the marriage matter was solved. She adds that Surya and Chandru are like her brothers. Surya is glad hearing the same.

Srinivasan asks his dad why they’re visiting Padma’s family. Krishna says they’re going to fix date for the Thali prithu korthal. Srinivasan refuses to believe him and asks for the real reason for their visit. Krishna admits that they’re going to ask Annammal her land.

Srinivasan says it’s a shameful act to ask to his wife’s family their land. He further says he will not let this happen. Krishna threatens to kill himself if he doesn’t get that land. Srinivasan pleads with his dad not to do anything like that. Krishna firmly says if he doesn’t listen to his say, his mom will become widow and leaves. Srinivasan look shocked.

Lila comes to Santosh’s house. Seeing Lila, Ponnathal and other family members go inside the house. Lila asks Santosh why he’s not answering her calls. She says she can’t stay without talking to him. Santosh says there is no match between them so asks her to forget him.

Lila pleads with Santosh to talk to him. She says there’s more than friendship between them. Ponnathal pretends to convince Santosh to talk to Lila. Santosh angrily leaves from there. Ponnathal takes Lila with her. Lila cries saying Santosh is stone hearted so he’s not talking with her. Ponnathal says he’s scared for her, so he’s avoiding her. He doesn’t want her to get beaten up the way they got beaten up by Annammal’s goons.

Lila says Anu is responsible for everything and not Annammal. Ponnathal says that Santosh hasn’t slept whole night thinking about her and asks her to first solve the problem in her family and comes to him. Lila says she will come after throwing that Anu out of the house and leaves. Ponnathal and her family rejoice that Santosh succeeded to trap Lila in his love.

Meera thinks of plotting against Anu. Krishna explains to Padma about his dream of building his own house. Then he tells how money is important to lead a happy life. He asks Padma to talk to Annammal and get their family land on Srinivasan’s name.

Padma looks shocked. She then agrees to talk to Annammal and she’s certain that she will not refuse. Krishna tells his wife and Srinivasan that they will leave Padma at her parents’s house if they refuse to give him that land. Krishna’s wife tries to change Krishna’s heart, but he’s adamant in his decision.

The episode ends.