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The episode starts with Surya telling that he wants to speak to Anu. Seeing the employees not moving, he repeats loudly that he wants to speak to Anu. The staff leave the conference hall. Neel tells Pankaj that he also want to talk to him and leaves. Chandra tells Surya he has another meeting and takes leave.

Surya and Anu look at each other smiling. Surya gives Anu water bottle to drink. The latter nods she doesn’t want. Surya drinks the water and signs Anu to sit and he also sits. He tells he is happy, he is happy as the files are restored. Anu says she either know how the files got deleted, nor how it got recovered. She gives all the credit to Neel. She got scared knowing the files got deleted and was crying without having food.

Surya says crying isn’t a solution for any problem and asks if she remembers the three magic words for the success that he taught her, Learn, Use Anu says Progress. Surya says he had seen people blaming others for their own mistakes and rarely seen people sharing or giving credits to others for their success. he is happy to see her and Neel praising each other. He asks her not to worry as if a file has been deleted, there will be definitely a copy of it in the office.

Anu asks why he didn’t tell her before. Surya says to learn, to use and to progress. Suddenly Anu remembers something and tells Surya that she had brought something special for him and goes to bring it. She comes back with Kesari and says she made it for God. As she couldn’t give anything on his birthday, she brought it for him and asks to take. Surya takes a spoon of Kesari in his palm and asks to Anu have it. When Surya have the kesari, small piece stayed in his beard.

Anu wipes it with her hand. Surya thanks Anu. When Anu is about to leave, Surya stops her and gives the drive. Surya again stops Anu and asks if he can take another spoon of kesari. Anu nods. He takes and have it. Then wipes his bear and asks in sign if something remains. Anu nods no smiling and leaves glancing at him. Surya recalls Anu wiping the kesari from his beard and smiles.

Meera is crying in her cabin. Pankaj comes there and asks if she is fine. Meera says she’s not fine Surya scolded her in front of everyone. She can’t understand him, he suddenly appreciates for one thing then suddenly scolds for same thing. She asks why he had changed. Pankaj says he is also searching answer for the same question. He says he understands her and consoles her.

One senior staff asks FM to bring coffee as she’s having headache. Neel gives her a chocolate bar and asks to have. The staff says she’s not a kid to have chocolate. Neel says age is just a number and our heart will never get older. Anu agrees with him. There’s no connection between age and mind. There’s no age restriction for doing any work.

Neel stops Anu, who is going to have lunch and asks to give a party as he helped her to recover the lost data. He asks if he isn’t right to the senior staff who agrees and asks to give a party for all of them. Anu agrees but she feels sad that he can’t share her lunch with Surya. Neel asks them all to go to the cantine, he will join them.

In order to prove his innocence, Neel gives Pankaj the pendrive which has the CCTV recording of the day where the files got deleted and asks him to watch. He says he has a pleasant meeting and leaves. Pankaj questions Surya if he isn’t going to the party sponsored by Anu for celebrating the recovery of lost data. He asks Anu didn’t invite him. Surya gets annoyed. He questions him if he’s not going and leaves.
Anu is sitting sadly with the staff in the cantine. Otherside Surya recalls Pankaj words and is sad.

Anu tells Ramya Neel saved her by helping to recover the data.…