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The episode starts with Pankaj saying to Surya that Anu had come to his house on Chandra’s wedding anniversary, but she hasn’t come inside and till now she can’t give a proper explanation for that. He also asked her plenty of time, she kept saying she doesn’t know his address and how sge reached there. When she can hide such big thing, then how they can expect she will tell the truth today. Surya reminds Pankaj that he also hid the fact that he dropped her at home from him, until he himself asked him. He adds that if he does right, but when others do the same is wrong, it’s not fair. Surya stops Pankaj from saying anything further and asks to cancel all his today’s meetings and leave him alone.

Sharda pressnts a gift to Anu. Pushba and Anu hesitate to accept it, but Sharda requests them to take it for her happiness. Pushba agrees. Sharda says that she was surprised to meet Anu, that she already met at the temple, in the office as Devanandhini sarees head and that moment she realized it’s God’s will and to express that happiness she’s presenting Anu this gift. Anu takes her blessings. Saradha invites them to come to her house one day and takes leave.

Pushba checks out Sharda’s gift and gets shocked on seeing gold necklace. Anu also gets stunned and she remembers Surya presenting her the same necklace, but she refused to accept such costly gift. She wonders what does it mean. Pushba says that she thought she has given any small gift and didn’t excpect such a costly gift. She tells Anu that they should give it back to her and asks to call Sharda.

Anu phones Sharda. She puts the phone on speaker. Anu says that she can’t accept such a costly gift. Sharda asks Anu to accept the gift thinking as her blessings and adds that the necklace is meant to be hers. Pushba intervenes saying that it’s too costly. Sharda says they shouldn’t refuse the blessing that’s coming to their house. She then tells that the saree Anu got in the auction at the temple, is the one she offered to the deity. Anu gets surprised hearing the same. Sharda says it’s God will that the saree should come to her and and asks to consider that necklace the same way and cuts the call.

Anu wonders whether Surya would send this necklace through his mom and gets happy. Ramya finds Anu smiling standing alone and questions her what happened. Anu says that she can’t believe that Surya’s mom visited and that too with the necklace that Surya bought with her. Ramya says that Surya would be scared to face her, so he asked his mom to give her the necklace. She says the current generation boys don’t know all this and praises Surya’s thinking. Ramya asks Anu to phone Surya and thanks him for the necklace, but Anu declines that she will not talk until he himself talk to her.

Surya is seen traveling in his car. He keeps thinking about Anu and Sharda’s words. He recieves Sharda’s call. She wants to tell him about visiting Anu, but Surya stops her hearing Anu’s name and says that they can talk about it later as he’s busy now and cuts the call. Sharda thinks that Anu is just a staff for Surya, and wonders why she can’t think like him, why she feels a strong attraction for Anu.

The episode ends.