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The episode starts with Gopi telling Mansi that Surya asked him if he ever made anyone wear bangles. Mansi sends Gopi away. Mansi tells Chandra that she’s certain that Surya is in love. Chandra asks how she knows. Mansi asks him to leave that and asks him to tell how he can make a girl wear one dozen bangles at a time without the bangles break. Chandra holds Mansi’s hand and pretends to make her wear bangles. He romantically looks at her and then winks. Mansi gets shocked and asks why he winked. Chandra explains that she blushed when he winked and using that opportunity he puts the bangles. Surya watches them and gets elated hearing this. Surya phones Pankaj and taunts him saying he doesn’t know anything whereas Chandra gives him the solution to make Anu wear the bangles. Surya mocks Pankaj and cuts the call.

Ramya comes to Sambath and asks to find out where his dad had given his mobile for service. They have to think what to do if the video got restored. Sambath says that the phone had fallen in the soap water and it’s not possible to recover the data. He adds that he lied to his dad that the data can be recovered. Ramya is worried what if the data get restored. Sampath suggests telling about Surya and Anu’s love to Subu. Ramya says it’s wrong, Anu should tell her parents.

Surya phones Anu and irritates her calling Subu as “villain Nambiyar”. Surya says that he remembers his challenge. Anu tells that he will lose. Surya says that she will know it tomorrow. Surya then asks about Subu’s health. Anu says that her dad will recover very soon. Surya says then he won’t be able to meet her at her home on the pretext of meeting Subu. Surya then asks about Ramya and Sambath. He calls them monkey. Anu agrees and laughs. Anu tells that Ramya and Sambath are troublesome, they don’t let her speak freely with Surya. Ramya and Sambath come there. They get shocked hearing Anu. The latter cuts the call seeing them. They both scold Anu and tease her.

The next morning Surya visits Anu. He asks about Subu. Anu says that he went out. He shows her the bangles and asks if she’s ready. Anu questions how he will make her wear those bangles. Surya asks her to see his magic. He holds her hand and asks Anu to look at his eyes. Surya winks at her and sends a kiss shocking Anu. Surya successfully makes Anu wear the bangles. Anu asks why he did like this. Surya smiles and signs her to see her hand. Anu gets elated seeing the bangles. Surya holds her another hand to put bangles, but stops him saying she will wear the bangles by herself. Surya says I love you. Anu blushes and says love you. She asks from whom he learned the trick. Surya says it’s in his gene. Anu kisses the bangles. Surya asks Anu to come to his house soon. He wants them to live happily together. Anu says that she’s waiting for that moment. They share an eyelock while the title track plays in the BG.

The episode ends.