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The episode starts with Surya telling Sharda that he has headache so he has came home earlier. Sharda says that if she had known that he’s coming home earlier, she would’ve asked Anu to come with him. She must be coming alone now. Surya is surprised hearing Anu’s name. He understands that Anu was talking with his mom on phone call. Just then the door bell rings. Sharda opens the door and gets elated seeing Anu. She welcomes Anu in. Anu takes her blessings. Surya and Anu share a smile. Anu teases Surya. She says that if she had known that he goes home, she would’ve have come with him. She asked him plenty of times where he’s going, but he didn’t answer her. Surya stumbles to answer. Sharda says that Surya has headache, so he’s blabbering. Surya complains that Anu didn’t tell him about coming here. Anu says that she can’t tell everything to her boss and also how she can guess he’s going back home. Sharda says that Surya didn’t even inform her. She asks Surya to go and rest and adds that she and Anu have lot of things to discuss.

Sharda makes Anu to sit and enquires about her work. Then sharda asks Anu to have lunch. Anu says that she already had it. Sharda insists to have at least tea made by her. Surya watches them. Anu wants to talk with her and says she forgets all her worries while talking with her. Sharada asks if she has any problem in the office. Anu says yes like getting scolded by her boss. Sharda asks why Surya would scold her. Anu says that’s the problem, he scolds her for no reason. Sharda says that Surya isn’t like that to which Anu replies that the son she knows is different from her boss. Today he vent his anger out on her. Sharda says that Surya never got angry with her. Then they have a friendly talk. Sharda remembers that she has to make tea for Anu. Anu says that she will make tea. As Anu instists, Sharda agrees. Sharda gets up to see how Anu makes tea, but winces feeling pain in her leg. Anu gets concerned. Surya also comes there. Anu makes Sharda sit and asks for tailam to massage her leg. Surya brings ginger oil. Anu and Sharda burst out laughing. Anu jokes. Surya feels embarrassing. Sharda asks Surya to bring tailam from her room. Surya brings tailam. Anu massages Sharda’s leg with that tailam.

Meanwhile Ranjini and Ragupathi have a talk. Ranjini asks if Mansi called Ragupathi to which Ragupathi says that she’s rich and they need to go after her for their needs. Ragupathi says if he can’t achieve what he wants through Mansi, he has Meera. Ranjni says that Meera isn’t trustworthy. Ragupathi reveals that he had one more person who can help them that’s Pushba. Sambath told that Pushba wants to get Anu married to Sambath. Ranjini says that they won’t gain anything by marrying Sambath to Anu as Surya changed his company’s rules and regulations. Ragupathi says that they will ask Meera to change that rules. Ranjini warns Ragupathi to be careful and leaves. Ragupathi says that he’s planning to get Anu married to Sambath to trap Surya and laughs.

At Surya’s house, Anu makes tea. Sharda is surprised that she made sugarless tea for her and asks Anu about it. Anu says that Surya usually drinks sugarless tea, so she thought she will also prefer tea sugarless. Sharda drinks the tea and appreciates Anu. Surya watches everything smiling. Surya runs and sits on the sofa seeing Anu bringing tea for him. Surya pretends to check his phone. Anu comes to him and smiles. She teases him saying that she saw someone running. She asks him to take the sugarless tea. Surya says that today he wants to drink tea with sugar. He drinks the tea and praises Anu. Anu smiles.

The episode ends.