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The episode starts with Surya phoning Meera and scolding her for making a deal with Mayil. He says because of her stupid move, a girl’s life is at stake. He gives her five mins to cancel the deal she had made with Mayil anyhow. He cuts the call without listening to her explanation.

Meera wonders how Surya got to know about everything that happened in Vellore. He calls to the travel agency to get Surya’s flight ticket details. FM informs Meera that someone asks to meet Surya. Meera asks him to send back. She gets call from the travel agency. She gets shocked learning something.

Pushba is feeling bad for Padma and the family. She says to Anu that they should’ve listened to her dad and left with him. She suggests leaving now. Anu says they can’t leave now without sorting out their problem and reassures her. Surya comes there. Anu sends her mom to bring water.

Anu says someone plotting against her so that she doesn’t win this challenge. Surya says nothing like that, someone tried another way to get the land for their company, that person also doesn’t know what’s happening here. Anu says he always backs his company staffs. Surya asks her not to forget she’s also one of them. Pushba comes back and says there’s big problem going. Padma mom is arguing.

Raji is arguing with her husband why he can’t convince his mom to give that useless land to Krishna. Annammal comes there. She says that’s their family land where they will build memorial. Raji asks if that memorial is more important than her daughter’s life. Annammal says the memorial is more important for her. Raji angrily drags Padma and slaps her. Everyone stops Raji. Padma supports Annammal’s decision.

Meera confronts Pankaj. She asks if Surya went to Switzerland or not. He says it’s better she doesn’t know about certain things and leaves. FM comes again and says that person creating ruckus saying he will not leave without meeting Surya Prakash. Meera asks to call the guards and handle him. Surya enters in the office and asks to call Surya Prakash out. Surya argues with Meera and tries to throw the things away.

Meera calls out Pankaj. The latter comes there. He asks Surya what he wants. Surya calls Surya Prakash a fraud and asks him to come out. Pankaj warns him to speak with respect about their boss. Surya yells that how can they thing of buying a land by spoiling a girl’s life. He yells that he will get a stay warrant against their company. Pankaj asks him to proceed legally. Surya angrily leaves from there. Pankaj warns Meera that her every plan is backfiring on her and asks her to be careful as this not a small problem.

Sam says if Krishna can’t let go of his ego and talk, they can try to talk to Srinivasan, and solve this problem. Anu and Chandru support Sam’s idea. Sam asks Raji to get Annammal’s permission. Raji says to Annammal that she decided to talk to Krishna and request him to accept Padma. Annammal asks her to wait for two days. Raji refuses and firmly says she will try to convince Krishna. She leaves. Sam asks Annammal to accompany Raji. She agrees. Sam, Anu and Chandru leave along with Raji.

Raji and everyone reach Krishna’s house. Sam, Anu and Chandru go to talk to Srinivasan. They try to convince Srinivasan to take Padma back. Srinivasan says his dad is everything for him, he’s ready to accept Padma if Annammal gives the land that his dad asked for. Krishna insults Sam and asks Raji to convince Annammal instead of trying to change his decision. Raji begs Krishna to accept Padma, but he refuses to listen to her pleads.

Surya comes back home. He says to Annammal that the Surya Prakash company staffs are worst people that he saw. He speaka ill of Surya Prakash and his company. Pushba says Prakash groups of company is a good. Surya and Annammal look at her suspiciously.

The episode ends.