Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 19th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu and Surya sharing an eyelock. Pushba comes there suddenly calling out Anu. Surya and Anu move away on seeing her. Anu tells that Surya has come to meet Subu. Pushba says that it seems it will take time in the hospital, so Poorni told that she will take care of Subu. So she came back. Pushba asks Surya why he’s taking the trouble to visit Subu daily. Surya says it’s fine and adds that he will leave after meeting Subu. Pushba’s expression changes and she silently moves to the corner. Anu requests Surya in sign language to leave. Surya tells that he will take leave. Pushba asks him to leave. Surya feels bad. Anu accompanies Surya till the door and apologizes to him. She waves him bye.

Surya phones Anu and tells that he felt bad when Pushba asked him to leave. Anu apologizes on behalf of her mother and assures him that she will talk to Subu soon. Anu cuts the call and gets ready for office. Surya gets Sharda’s call. She says that she couldn’t talk to him in the past days as he left for the office early. She tells that she wants to talk to him and asks if he can come back home. Surya hesitates in the beginning, but he ends up agreeing.

Anu comes to the office. She is upset recalling the way Pushba talked to Surya. Pankaj comes to Anu. He calls out Anu. He asks what happened, why she is upset. Anu denies it. Pankaj tells Anu that Surya will not come to the office today and tells that she can ask him if she needs any help. FM informs Anu that Chandra is in the conference and called Anu.

Meera asks Pankaj if Surya has come. Pankaj tells that Chandra has come to the office and Surya will not come. Meera says that there are lot of changes in Surya’s schedule nowadays. Pankaj warns Meera to be careful as whatever comment she will pass on Surya it will have a connection to Anu and vice versa. He further adds that Anu seems upset and asks Meera not to bother her. Meera says that Pankaj indirectly asks her not to interfere in Surya’s life. She angrily says that she won’t trouble Anu.

Anu goes to Chandra. The latter tells that he trusts Anu ans Pankaj more in this office. He adds that of course he trusts Surya, but he can’t ask him this question. Chandra asks Anu if she ever loved someone. Anu gets shocked hearing this and wonders whether Chandra got to know about Surya and her love matter. FM brings tea for them. Anu asks FM where the storeroom files were shifted. FM tells they were shifted to Surya’s house. Chandra asks what happened. Anu tells that Pankaj shifted important files to their house. Chandra says that Surya must know about it. He suggests Anu going to his home and referring the files. He adds that Mansi will be very happy. Anu asks why Mansi would be happy. Chandra gives an excuse. Anu says what about Surya. Chandra says that Surya left home early morning so he won’t be at home.

Chandra takes Anu to the garden. Anu asks what they’re doing here. Chandra says that he wants to talk to her about something He adds that Mansi will get angry if he goes back home without talking to Anu about it. Anu worries thinking that Mansi may got to know about Surya loving her. Anu asks what the matter is. Chandra is about to tell, but stops noticing Surya. He panics and runs from there. Surya spots Chandra and Anu.

Surya comes to Anu and asks what she’s doing here. Anu says that she has come for a meeting with Chandra, but he escaped on seeing him. Surya notices that Anu doesn’t have bangles on her other hand and offers to put the bangles. Anu wears the bangles by herself. Surya winks at Anu and she smiles blushing.

The episode ends.