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The episode starts with Surya saying he tried a lot to contact her, but he was unable. Anu feels guilty and keeps asking sorry. Surya says he must apologizes her for not telling he didn’t go to London. Anu again says sorry. Surya asks if they both will keep asking sorry. The servant brings their order. They start having food. They feed each other.


The sniper says he’s waiting for Surendar’s order. The latter asks to let Surya eat whatever he wishes before dying and also his friend (Pankaj) should cry hearing the bullet hitting Surya sound. He calls Pankaj. Surendar tells a shooting is going here. His friend seems a romantic person, a young girl is sitting. The cameraman fixed the angle from the top and he is the director.

 If he tells action, he will shoot. Pankaj asks to leave Surya. Surendar he cant leave as their ennemity is 20 years old. Pankaj keeps asking to leave Surya. Surendar says  to kill Surya. The sniper says yes Pankaj panics. He pleads not to kill Surya. He warns he will not leave him, if something happens to Surya. Surendar says he’s alone, he came to this place after losing all the love ones. Surendar asks the sniper to focus.


Anu says she has brought Jasmine plant for him. She has bought this after thinking a lot. She asks if he likes it. Surya says hereafter whenever he will see jasmin that will remind her. Anu says whenever she sees a car, coat, white hair, London, she will think of him. Particularly when she hears the word trust, she will remember him. He asks if had any similar experience. Surya teases saying whenever he sees someone crying or asking sorry, he will think of her.

When Anu pouts, Surya smiles. He says he’s smiling after one week of being loneliness. He adds this week one help to clear his mind. He says his heart feels very light now, like a sea without any waves. Anu asks him to prove that there’s no more any confusion in his heart. She challenges him to play staring game. She says they both should stare at each other without blinking, the one will bling will lost the game. Surya says he’s ready. He confidently says he’s going to win. She asks him to close the eyes. She counts till three and both opens their eyes simultaneously. They start staring at each other. Kanna Veesi song plays in the background.


The sniper aims at Surya. He says target is fixed and he’s waiting for his order to shoot. Surendar asks what Surya is doing now. The sniper says they are staring at each other without speaking. He says this is the correct time to shoot and asks to say ok. Pankaj keeps pleading to leavr Surya. Surendar says to the sniper get ready.


Surya blinks his eyes. Anu happily shouts she won. She starts twirling happily. She stops realizing they are in a public place and sits back. Surya says he wouldn’t have won if he didn’t cough. Anu says he has lost and he has to give whatever she’s going to ask. Surya asks her what she wants. Just then Anu receives Ramya’s call, who informs her she has to return a book in library before today end and if she fails she won’t be able to write exam.

 Anu explains the same to Surya. The latter offers to drop her in the college. Anu says she will manage. She adds she is usually very concious about everything, but nowadays.. Surya asks what nowadays.. She smiles blushing looking at the ground. Anu says nothing. Surya asks her to focus on her exams. They can talk about the remaining things after exams. Anu says she will be waiting for the day when the plant will bloom his first flower and also when he will express his hearts to her till that the plant is his responsibility. She gives the plants to Surya, who accepts it.


A server comes stand next to Surya. The sniper says the focus is missed. Surendar mocks saying even Surya’s focus is missing. Surendar says Surya seems very close to that girl and he asks why not to kill her in Surya’s place. Surendar order the sniper to change the focus on Anu.

 Pankaj shouts says he’s doing wrong. He asks not to do anything to that girl as she’s innocent. He asks not to bring her between them. Surendar furiously says he will make them stand alone killing their loved ones. Surya will feel the pain when the girl will killed and asks the sniper to be ready.


The episode ends.