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The episode starts with Meera crying holding her mom’s lifeless body. Poorni comforts her. Surya instructs Pankaj to make necessary arrangements for Meera’s mom’s funeral.

Pushba tries to contact Poorni, but she’s not answering her call, so she asks Anu to call her. Ramya and Sampath come there. Anu calls Poorni. The latter informs her about Meera’s mother’s death. Anu gets shocked. She asks her to send the location, she will come. Poorni asks her not to come. As Anu insists, Poorni agrees. Anu informs Pushba that Meera’s mom passed away. Pushba feels bad for Meera. She wants to accompany Anu, but she refuses since Meera doesn’t like anyone coming to her home. Anu asks Sampath to drop her at Meera’s house.

Meera wants to perform her mom’s last rituals today night itself. Pankaj and Surya ask her if she doesn’t have any relatives or friends. Meera says that she doesn’t know anyone than Surya. Surya says that he’s with her. The ambulance reaches Meera’s house. Surya and Pankaj carry Meera’s mother’s dead body till the ambulance. They take the body to the graveyard. Other hand Anu is on the way with Sampath on bike. When they reach near Meera’s house, Anu says that from here she will find Meera’s house herself and asks Sampath to leave. She somehow manages to find Meera’s house. She looks around and find no one there. Ramya calls Anu. She attends the call, but mobile run out of charge and gets switched off. Anu gets worried.

Surya, Pankaj and Meera are in the graveyard. Surya feels guilty that he failed to notice the personal problems of Meera. He appreciated Meera many times for her sincerity towards her work, but he didn’t try to know about her personal’s life. If Pankaj hadn’t forced him to visit Meera, he wouldn’t have got to know about Meera’s mother’s health condition. He further says that Meera always cared for him, but he was selfish. Pankaj says that he has a busy life and it’s impossible for him to know about everyone’s personal life. He adds that he doesn’t need to feel guilty about it, but the fact is Meera is an assert for their company. Surya agrees.

Meera’s mother’s last rituals are performed. Meera shatters placing her head on Surya’s chest. He comforts her. Other hand Anu rings the door bell. As no one opens the door, she walks to some distance to see if she can find an auto. In the meanwhile, Surya brings Meera back home. Anu comes back to Meera’s house, as she doesn’t get any auto. She sees Surya hugging Meera and comforting her. She looks at them silently standing at the gate. Surya side hugs her and takes her inside.

The episode ends.