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The episode starts with Mansi asking Anu about the girl whom Surya loves. Mansi says that she wants to know who is that girl so that Surya doesn’t get into any problems because of that girl. She only wants Surya’s wellbeing. On seeing Anu hesitating to answer, Mansi thinks that she was right that Surya loves someone. Anu says that she doesn’t about it. Mansi tells to enquire her colleagues and keeps her reporting.

Mansi further tells that Surya used to get very angry and shoot people, but after that girl have entered Surya’s life, he became soft. Anu says that in that case that girl should be a good girl. Mansi asks if she agrees that there’s a girl in Surya’s life. Anu denies. Mansi asks Anu to find about this and tells that she will give in return whatever she wants. Anu gets nervous. Sharda interrupts their talk and takes Anu from there. Mansi scolds Chandra for not being able to keep Sharada away for a while.

Chandra stops Surya from going to talk to Anu and does melodrama telling Anu has become more important for him. Pankaj comes there. Chandra runs away telling Pankaj to talk with Surya. Pankaj says that she has a feeling of mental hospital. Surya says that he also feels the same way.

Meanwhile servant brings tea for Sharda and Anu. The latter notices that paper was added in the tea along with ginger and says that Sharda has allegric of paper which surprises the servant and Sharda. The latter tells that even her servant doesn’t know this and asks how he knows about this. Anu tells that Surya must have told her. Sharda takes Anu to makes her visit the house. Anu gets flashes of her previous birth. She stops in front of the secret room and asks about it. Sharda stumbles to answer. Mansi interrupts their talk and proposes to take a group selfi. Sharda agrees and the trio go downstairs. Anu keeps looking behind at that room.

Surya tells Sharda and others that he’s going to the office and calls Anu. Sharda and Mansi tell that Anu hasn’t checked the files yet and asks her to stay back. Surya says that he doesn’t think Anu works here. She will work at least if she comes to the office. Mansi suggests taking selfi before Anu leaves. They click a group photo. Surya and Anu leave for office.

Subu gets furious knowing that Surya bears his hospital expenses. He tells Poorni to know how much Surya paid in the hospital to repay him. Pushba argues with Subu saying Surya has to pay since his brother did his accident. Subu and Poorni oppose this.

Surya and Anu are on the way in the car. Surya asks Anu why she has come to his house without informing him. His heart beat raised on seeing her. Anu says that she also felt like him when he visited her dad suddenly to talk about their love. She has taken a sweet revenge on him. Surya then asks why she hasn’t answered his calls or messages. Anu says that Pushba catched her while talking to him. She got nervous and left for office in hurry that she forgot her phone at home. Surya says that he messaged her without knowing this. Anu tells to stop the car as they have reached office. Surya tells that they are going somewhere else. Anu gets scared to go out with Surya. The latter says that she should take risks when she has fallen in love.

The episode ends.